Peace - BBC Session Fake 7" (1971)

An improved sound quality (not perfect but more audible) with the 3 songs played at the BBC session (with the missing John Peel who speaks). A re-up of this brief but so interesting period during which Paul Rodgers tried to reinvent himself with a shirt-lived other band. A testimony how this man had became a great composer in 1971. Unfortunately he won't keep this magic touch throughout the rest of his musical life and his post-Free career has been quite a waste of talent. Catch it here. More details about the content below.

It's not really the whole BBC session (the 22th December 1971, with John Peel talking of course, this is THE man) that Peace (the band Paul Rodgers formed between may and december 1971 during the Free breakup) since contrary to what is said on the sleeves (not the one posted here, that I did myself from a montage here) "Like Water" is cut after only some seconds for a reason I ignore, so I didn't put it in the rar file. Actually, a visitor sent me the link to this source but after, that I actually found another one with the abhorted "Like Water" version. So here is a fake single with 2 songs that Paul Rodgers will take back more than one year later on the Heartbreaker LP but that he did not propose apparently for the Free At Last one at the beginning of 1972. Since they are two undying classics, to listen to them in their initial version is moving. "Heartbreaker" didn't change much once in the Free hands, whereas the fantastic "Seven Angels" is less bleak here than he will be in its final version, and the voice not totally finalised. Don't forget that Paul Rodgers played all the guitar parts here and is quite good at it. The sound is not top quality but can be listened to without too much pain. A welcome addition to the studio EP I posted here.


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Thankyou for all the posts on Free
easily one of the best bands of
any generation.

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