Peace - Like Water fake EP (1971)

Third re-up with "Seven Angels" on it (but didn't find "Heartbreaker"). Moreover I improved a little bit the mix and it's now more a finalized document. Once again "Zero BC" is a complete masterpiece any Free fan should know and will surely cherish. Catch it here. I'll post the EP sessions with "Like Water" on it and improved sound soon.

Between May and December 1971, a period Free had disbanded, each member tried to put something on feet, Andy Fraser a trio called Toby and Paul Rodgers another one called Peace, assuming vocals, guitar and songwriting. In this (badly named) band, there was an ex-Quatermass (Mick Underwood, a drummer that will back Ian Gillan solo career during 30 years) and an ex-Killing Floor (Stewart McDonald). The trio will recorded 5 songs in studio during his short-lived existence. Here are the only 3 I have ("Like Water" and "Zero BC" are from the Songs of Yesterday boxset, "Lady" from the Free Story album). A shame I did not localise the 2 other ones since it's the initial versions of 2 masterpieces: "Heartbreaker" and the heartbreaking and soul shaking doom "Seven Angels" that will both feature on the last Free LP (Heartbreaker). It's true that, although Peace was an interesting band, it's lacking the spark Free would put in the Rodgers songs. However, I find that "Zero BC" is one of the greatest songs Paul Rodgers composed and even in this quite naked version it's a gem. So, here's a fake EP with some forgotten songs that deserve to feature in the Free-derived heritage. PS. The cover is mine. No record has never been released during these 9 months.


Anonymous said...

I thought I was the worlds biggest fan of Seven Angels, I have so many versions incl video from that ill fated Japanese tour.
I have the Peel stuff, Heartbreaker has tape stretch at the start, neither the monumental ZeroBC or wet(lol) Like Water.
BUT the gem is 7 Angels incl. JP's intro and his outro.
Good to meet you! Now go to MU.

dk said...

Gosh (a mix between god and shit?), thx a lot. Yes, we're both Seven Angels addicts, one of the greatest piece of doom in its way. I dl it immediately. I'll surely post it here. Hope you don't mind.
Thx again and again dear onymous.

Anonymous said...

Seven Angels and ZeroBC are both monumental works, there are others of course. Speaking of doom, Simple Man (Bad Co) I've a version with an intro that will make you cry - reeks of hopeless despair.
Did you know that Moonshine made it onto the reissues of Free Live? That and Woman will blow you away.
I have an enormous collection of Free's work, some bought some d/l and a little video.
My car has a DTS system and Free IoW (ripped from DVD) at 1,000 watts is a wondrous experience - especially when queued hah hah.

I am the guy who referred to seeing their debut tour - queued down the road and around the corner.

Let me know if there is anything you need and whatever I give is yours to use freely; as you see fit.


DeePeeGee said...

Would it be possible to provide a new link for this one please? Thanks

DeePeeGee said...

Many thanks for the new link...much appreciated

Olga Vernon said...

Is there any way to get lyrics for Zero BC? Love this song but can't make out the lyrics! Thanks