Groundhogs - Live in US 72 (1972)

Not a re-up but a new one this time. And not an easy one to find one since it's the only sonor testimony of the only US tour that Groundhogs have done in their life-timespan. It was in the summer of 1972, between the 8th of June and the 9th of July to be precise, the tour being shortened because Tony McPhee broke his arm. Thus, this radio concert recorded at WCM in Memphis was the first set they play on the land that provided the music TS McPhee cherished so much. First, be aware than this is really a recording from the Groundhogs in the US, contrary to the so-called US Tour 72 LP released by Akarma in 1999 and that consisted in the BBC Radio 1 Sessions recorded in the early 70's. Second, this recording was issued on a bootleg LP called Split Shadow. This is the source of this post but I attempted to improve the sound quality with MP3 Doctor and actually it's much better than the bootleg sound. Last, I can't say this is the Groundhogs side I like the best. It seems that landing on the Hendrix native land, Tony McPhee tries to show he's an English Hendrix and the songs are drowned in larsens, wah wah and uninterrupted guitar solos that would have deserved to be more concise (the 22 min of "Still A Fool" are too much for me). Only "Groundhog Blues" reaches summits and it's a great opportunity to listen to "Music Is The Food Of Thought" one of the rare songs from Who Will Save The World played live. Quite weird that for a tour supporting their new album, the band played none but one song from it. It seems that Tony McPhee did not like it as much as critics and fans did. So, I'm proud to offer this new document to all those who still find some interest in this uncommon band. Catch it here. PS. I created the cover sleeve with a picture (stolen here) of a Wiarton Willie stone statue (in Wiarton). An ironic way to show that Groundhogs were celebrated on the other side of Atlantic.


spunkie said...

What a great job on this post. Thanks for all your work.

spunkie said...

Check out this band http://tsros.com/ let me know what you think?

codgerburley1 said...

Do you know where they played on the dates of this US Tour ? I know a couple people who claim there was a show at The Baltimore Civic Center, but can't find anything that confirms this .