Alex Fergusson - Perverse Ballads (1996)

After Mike Montgomery (here), here's for the second time what I would call a "completely forgotten and underrated masterpiece". Not at all in a similar style, since here we are in lo-fi Bolanian pop, but this is an incredible collection of songs for anyone cherishing this kind of music. First, some words about the author. It's Alex Fergusson, yes the guitarist and composer of the first and second line-up of Alternative TV. He was the writer of cult songs such as "Action Time and Vision" for the band. Between the 2 Alternative TV formations, he was in Psychic TV and afterwards rather vanished from public view, but in 1992 he recorded and released a 500 limited white vinyl with no name, label or cover sleeve and 10 more or less acoustic-made-in-a-bedroom songs. This doesn't mean it was bad. Actually it was no less than gorgeous, somewhere between Marc Bolan and Syd Barrett when played on acoustic guitar, and with something of Sparks and Eno when he was more poppy with keyboards (listen to "Sophie French" if you want to be sure). I surely miss some other influences (Peter Perrett) but you see which style I'm talking about. Four years later, Overground had the good idea to release the Alex Fergusson album posted here, called Perverse Ballads (also in 500 ex), and featuring 8 songs for the White vinyl album (sad 2 were left out for unknown reasons) and 7 new ones (sometimes a little too much synth but the whole makes a consistent load). When listening to this collection of songs, you get out with the same impression than after listening to some Dan Treacy albums. A sense of close intimacy you rarely have while listening to an album. It's always a mystery that someone is able to put so much of private innerself in songs. But to treat them as unfinished pieces of music certainly helps. That's why Dan Treacy is so unique. But this Alex Fergusson buch of songs would deserve to be considered as a great lost treasure of music. Catch it here.


DJ Stix said...

Great site, Just discovered it> Well done for putting all this up.Any chance of reposting "Dragon love" to fill the gap in my ATV collection :)

dkelvin said...

Yes I will, but first I want to improve the sound. My rip is not optimal.

DJ Stix said...

Thank you very much indeed :) i look forward to it. I got the new album today. Pretty impressive .