Peter Hammill - Painting by Numbers / You Hit Me Where I Live 7" (1986)

For some of us, Skin is one of the weakest Peter Hammill's album (it's true I also personally do not like much the ones he made in the last decade). It was clearly the end of a period (the one that began with The Future Now) and then would be his "at home" period (he's still in it) with a production that mimicked the mainstream Hifi quality (whatever we may think of this so-called quality). But let's go back to this single, maybe one of the rares that had a (very small chance) to meet some commercial success (it was not the case). Peter Hammill even tried to play the "TV game" as shows the clip below. Of course anyone who lived and listened to music in the eighties will immediately recognized the (awful) production stereotype and even melodies of this period. Note that this is the extended version (30 s instrumental bonus at the end) that I posted here, not the common short version. The B-side "You Hit Me Where I Live" (that was a non album track) is more satisfactory but we're far from the usual standards of this artist. Catch it here.

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