Peter Hammill - Single(s) (1977-1986)

As I usually do, after posting singles in single posts, I post the compiled fake LP (some may prefer to dl the whole in one). Not a very homogenous gathering, between 1977 and 1986, Hammill having completely changed his way to approach music, lyrics and even his vocals. Personally, I'm more in the pre-78 than in his later manner but there was some great songs and even some excellent albums (such as Sitting Targets) afterwards. Hammill is not the kind of artist whose songs are fitting in the singles format, but some were featuring different versions or non-album tracks (not all unfortunately) so it could be of interest. I omitted the revised version of "Just Good Friends" from the Love Songs album because it always seemed to me that this album was an opportunist affair and didn't consider it as a real Hammill's LP. Moreover the B-side only consisted of the instrumental version of the song, the kind of things I always loathed. So, here it is, with a did-it-myself cover sleeve of course. Don't hesitate to use all the cover sleeves I create, I don't care and don't claim for any copyright.

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