Procol Harum - Live at the Isle of Wight (1970)

Sorry, this is not THE Live at the Isle of Wight you'll be (and I too) authorized to expect from such an important band (why the Who, Hendrix and not Procol Harum?). The source is even not sure (I took it from a bootleg but I got no certainty that this set was actually captured at the Isle of Wight, even the setlist is rather unknown by the major Procol fan site) and the sound quality far from the commercial standard of an official release. I tried to improve it but success was limited since the original had some serious failures that I couldn't address (I'm a rather basic amateur in mixing). Since there's not so many other live documents with enough quality to be posted here, I thought it was interesting to add this one to the previous series. There's no many bands that I like to listen to mediocre quality live documents but Procol is one of them (mainly for BJ Wilson but also because the songs are so good). I used an existing cover sleeve for the front (although a little improved) and created a one for the back. Don't know who took it but this is one shot taken at the Isle of Wight this I'm sure of. I feel this young girl gives a good idea of the elegance of Procol's music. So catch it here.

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