Procol Harum - Session for French TV (1971)

Not so rare but here in an improved sounding version (at least I hope I did a decent job) of this 20 min set recorded not in the studio (it is said for security reasons) but at the Moulin de la Galette (in Paris) for French TV, maybe in the only show (in French we call it an "emission") in the history of French TV that treated rock with the respect it deserved (thanks to Patrice Blanc Francard who presented it) and called Pop Deux (it meant Pop 2). This show (not the Procol one, Pop Deux) was broadcasted from April 1970 to December 1973 and anything before or after was miserable compared to it. I discovered almost everything I loved in my youth through this show (and a little bit by other sources such as radio and friends). Here is Procol Harum playing 4 songs 5 days before their Stockholm radio show I posted here. It's of course the same line-up, with Dave Ball. Sad that the "Simple Sister" version is without it's classic instrumental bridge, and maybe "Regent Walpurgis" was a little bit out of place in the Procol of this era. I know this can be seen almost everywhere on the net (notably Youtube) but my idea was to be able to listen to it without having to look at images and moreover to improve the sound quality. Hope it was worth the attempt. Catch it here. The video below (with the poor sound).

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