Bastards - The Digital Singles (1988-90)

Someone asked me to re-up the Bastards singles. Hitherto I only posted them individually but as I often do, I compiled all the songs on one fake LP with a personal cover sleeve. Not sure everyone will find it tasty but I felt it this way so I assume it. I added 3 songs featuring on various songs compilations (the 2 Treehouse Scumbait collective singles and the Glitterhouse Endangered Species 6 x 7" box). I improved the sound of the last ones compared to the previously posted one (it was ripped from my own vinyl). Not perfect but better. Except Neighbor, all were non LP tracks so it's a necessary possession for any Bastards and Janitor Joe fan. Happy that this blog can post some dirty music as this one cos' it's really a part of my preference I like to share. Catch it here.


Anonymous said...

Un grand merci DK,
Rien de mieux pour commencer la semaine, nourrir son obscur et garder la lumière !
Encore une belle découverte que Janitor Joe, énergie poisseuse comme j'aime.
Je te salue

GeorgCracked said...

Hi, thanks this is great. Bastards are one of the most overlooked noiserock bands from the best era of Music (which is late 80s / early 90s noiserock... duh!)