Television Personalities - I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod (Easy Mix) 7" EP (1996)

Fifth re-up of what could have been a hit. Catch it here.

Although extracted from the I Was A Mod Before You Was A Mod album released in July 1995, this 7" EP was only released in September 1996. Not an usual choice such a delay for promoting a LP. Sad cos' if a song composed by Dan Treacy could have been an indie hit in the nineties, sure it was this one. There's a Spector flavour in it that could have make it a "Heartache Avenue" (the Maisonettes hit) for the nineties. Even the instrumental version is stomping and full of energy, not really the state of mind of Dan Treacy at the times. The 2 unreleased songs are more in the melancholic and acedic mood of what Dan Treacy wrote over the last 3 years. "None Of This Will Matter When You're Dead" is, in its uncluttered sounding, touches something so intimate that it's another one of these TVP songs able to bring tears to eyes. PS. The back cover is from me.

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