Shocking Blue - Venus / Hot Sand 7" (1969)

The 3rd single became one of the greatest hit of history although it was largely inspired by the musical adaptation of "Oh! Susanna"'s lyrics (from Stephen Collins Foster) by Tim Rose under the name of "The Banjo Song" written and sung by The Big 3 in 1963 (see the video below that retraces the story of the song). But i must say I had to wait for the release of "Oh! Susanna" by Neil Young on his Americana LP in 2012 to be aware of all this. But sure Robbie Van Leeuwen was well aware of this when he took the song and used it. To know that somewhat diminished my initial admiration for the guy but all in all it remains a great song and a nice band. Catch it here.

You imagine I suppose, that I did not post this single because I consider "Venus" is a forgotten song. I post it simply because I decided to post all Shocking Blue singles and that this is the second (and their most popular). The importance of "Venus" in my own way to consider music was, with "Paranoid" from Black Sabbath and "All Right Now" from Free, quite fondamental but this blog is not the place to do an psychanalishitic exploration of my musical formation. More forgotten is the B-side (in most countries since in some it was "Long Lonesome Road"), "Hotsand", another great song (honestly, Robbie van Leeuwen was a fucking great composer and that he has not a decent entry in English wikipedia is quite scandalous) on which the sitar is quite pregnant but drown in a pre-grunge riff that is as relevant today it was 40 years ago. Due to the immense amount of Venus singles sold, I think this is one of the most heard songs (usually, even if you bought the 7" for the A-side, you tried to justify your investisment in listening to the other side), it is important to transmit to younger generations the excitation this double-great songs single was at the time of its release.

First the story of the song

Below, several versions of "Venus". First, the original clip with this strange cage behind the band. See how the quatuor does not seem to take in serious the doomed passion dimension of the song. This, to my eyes, contributed to the fact they were never take seriously by the rock scene.

Below, an apparition on TV, where they of course mimic the song, but where Mariska Veres is really gorgeous.

Below, a very rare live version of the song, in which you can see that the band was not a fake one and could rock, even it they don't reach the UK and US criteria I must admit.

Another one, much better


Shocking Blue - Long and Lonesome Road / Fireball of Love 7" (1969)

Another great song for the second single of the band. At least the A-side that has all the qualities of the music that was produced during the end of the sixties: strong, raw, sexy, memorable. Note that, as the first single, it was in France the record was the most succesfull (4th and 6th in the Charts). Catch it here.

Mea culpa, mea maxima culpa, "Venus" was not the second but the third single released by Shocking Blue (I talk about the band featuring Mariska Veres of course, not the band before her), the second being this one with the fantastic "Long and Lonesome Road" on side 1 and "Fireball of Love" on back side. This is this mistake that makes me quickly post another Shocking Blue single here (I usually prefer to let at least 4 or 5 posts before posting singles or albums from the same artists). No video to show since the band made a break in Dutch charts but not enough to do a clip I suppose. It is to note that the sound of the band in 1968-69, was much more electric, rock and psychedelic that it will be after "Venus" succeeds. It's true that it's not with this style they will reach popularity but more with a Creedence meets Jefferson Airplane Europeanized version.

PS. I'll try to illustrate the posts with pictures of the band relevant to the year of the single, but I must say that it's not very easy to be sure since they did not much change their look over their 6 years career. So, the picture above seems to have been taken in 1969 but I would not bet my right hand (I write with it).

Long and Lonesome Road. On a Sunday night while driving my car In the sky a fallin' star Tellin' myself I don't go too far And trust by the sound of the rain Well I wonder, well I wonder where I am 'Cos there's a long and lonesome road That will find our world of you & me babe There's a long and lonesome road That will find our world like it used to be babe Somebody there to show me the way Yes, I'm willin' to pay And this dear old man can tell me any day Know what happens to me


Shocking Blue - Send Me A Postcard / Harley Davidson 7" (1968)

For Xmas and to celebrate the 1.5 millions pages viewed, I re-up the Shocking Blue singles in their original versions (you can find them compiled on this blog but the link is deleted, I'll fix it when the singles will be re-up). All details are in the first post that I always leave when I re-up. So nothing new to add except this band has always been a little guilty pleasure for me and this will last until my own trespass. Catch this first one here. It's true that "Send Me A Postcard" is really hardly influenced by the Jefferson Airplane but what a great song!

I decided to post each Shocking Blue single here, in a chronological order, not all gathered in a compilation, since I think each one merit an individual post (I should have done the same for Cockney Rebel and Steve Harley but I know most of you prefer to get all of them on the same one). Before "Venus" and "Love Buzz", the band had released a single that did not make it in the charts, although it was a great one. Sincerely, I was surprised that Kurt Cobain chosed "Love Buzz" to cover when "Send Me A Postcard" had much more a pre-grunge style with its heavy guitar and psyche-garage sound. If you look at the cover, you see that Mariska Veres had curled hair but would adopt very soon her classic Grace Slick hairbrush, and like her American model, would go back to the curled hair some years later. She seemed to say that they were not her real hair but I'm not sure it's true. Strangely, "Send Me A Postcard" was not included as bonus track on the At Home LP that gathered the songs only released in singles, but was included as bonus track on Scorpio's Dance, the second one. It's true that the single was issued in France only some years later, and offered when you bought petrol for your car (the petrol company was Antar that disappeared many years ago). I post the (ugly) cover below for testimony. The picture of the band is, I think, a shoot taken the year this single was released, judging by the look of the members (clothes and faces). The B-side has been included as bonus track on At Home and is a good although a little dated psychedelic-pop song à-la Steppenwolf.

Send Me A Postcard. Before loneliness Will break my heart Send me a postcard,darling How can I make you understand I wanna be your woman Here I'm waiting for a little sign Waiting till the end of time Send me a postcard,darling Send me a postcard now I can't taste a lonely night I need someone I can turn to Look out for the day I get a little sign I want to know your own mind Now Now please don't let me down Ain't no lover like me in town Send me a postcard,darling
Send me a postcard now


JFG - The dk's Choice (2004-2009)

This is the first thing I posted about JFG on this blog. And a visitor asked me today to re-up it. Thanx to him. I do it with pleasure although I do not like the idea to put my name on it but for once, it's not too heavy. I'll post a "Greatest Highs" soon with several unissued tracks so stay vigilant if you became fans of this unclassifiable guy (I try my best below). These are songs where he does most of the job alone.  The result is thrilling. Perfect for these boring Xmas festivities. Catch it here. Note that some of the songs have been covered again by JFG on further albums or singles. Don't forget to go on his bandcamp page (here) and to buy all the material I didn't post. Everything's is at least good, often great. 

Imagine you receive a CD-R from someone who liked what you wrote in a music mag (always Xroads since I do not write anywhere else) and, after only a few minutes listening, you know that you have here one of the best singer and songwriter living on this planet, someone that will take place next to John Lennon psychedelic-era, Syd Barrett Pink Floyd-era, Lou Reed Velvet and Transformer-eras, Jonathan Richman and Robyn Hytchcock (all eras) and some other ones, but in no way smelling like plagiarism. And what is the most incredible (and scandalous) is that this young man has no label, no record released although he's still composing fantastic songs and have a real charisma on stage. From this time, I write on him as often as I can (always in the same mag, maybe not the most appropriate to stimulate curiosity) and I got the privilege to be one to those he regurarily writes emails. I asked him some days ago the authorization to establish my own Best of among the 39 original songs he sent me in the last months. He answered yes and seems curious of my choice. Honestly, I could include almost all of them if the criteria was to like them or not since I don't think possible to completely dislike one of his songs (the same with Peter Perrett for example). But here are the 11 eleven ones (hell heaven?) that I listen to again and again and again. Some of them are in my top 100 of the best songs ever composed (such as the great "Love song" you can listen to at the end of this post, but also "Sleep", a delicious recent one that should be known by everybody including you). The Lennon's influence is much more marked in his later songs and the musical arrangements are always chosen with a rare intelligence. JFG lives in France (like Elliott Murphy and I sometimes wonder why they stay in this cul-de-sac country where rock has not any chance to feed his man) and I hope that an English or American reader will be as enthousiastic as I am and send these songs to some label that would have the great idea to release them on CD. Here I imagined a vinyl release with 20 min or so on each side (self-made cover again of course, using pictures of him on stage). I made the choice of the order of the songs taking into account their recording dates (although JFG did not specify them clearly I must say) and the sequence I would have liked to find on a record. Enjoy enjoy and enjoy it again.


Winter of Love (feat. JFG) - Winter of Love (2011)

You doubt that there is any masterpiece that failed to find any way to be officially released, either in solid (vinyl, CD) or digital (MP3) format? First, you ignore many examples in the rock history and if you look in the archives of this blog, you'll find several. Second, here you have a recent one (only 5 years old) and one of the saddest case to my knowledge. Actually, Winter of Love is a duo consisting of JFG and Olivier Bernet. They recorded this album with some musicians, resulting in a somptuous sonor object, full of gorgeous melodies, fine arrangements (if you like orchestral ones, you'll be delighted) and of course the malicious way that JFG knows how to offer all this to us. There was enough in it to provide 2 or 3 hit singles, but I'm probably mad to imagine our times are able to make hits with so good songs when mediocrity only can reach success. Anyway, if you like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Polyphonic Spree, Dukes of Stratosphear and of course JFG (see all the other posts about him, it seems that you appreciate him since they are rather often dled), you'll have with this LP (that I asked the permission to publish here to JFG in person) something new to cherish. Sure that some of these songs will become among your faves for this long long too long Xmas time. Below a video they made during the recording of the album (at least I think it was). Note that the version of "Like a Dog" is the one I released on the fake single and not the one you can hear in The Voices, the film by Marjane Satrapi. I did the cover sleeve with 2 images taken from the video (below). I think it respects the musical atmosphere of the album. Don't miss this gem here.


John Cale - All I Want Is You / Bamboo Floor fake 7" (1975)

Sometimes I wonder whether some of you may think these fake singles are a bad joke and should be stopped. Actually I don't either know myself if it's a good idea, but it allows to publish some songs recorded during the sessions of an album but kept unissued, to find a late unofficial release, even if it's a fake one. Here, 2 songs that were recorded during the Slow Dazzle sessions and only released many years later on the Island Years compilation. Not sure they could have made it on a single but let's do as if it was the case. So here they are, an opportunity to add 2 unheard songs (except for the die-hard fans who of course know them) from John Cale. I really think "All I Want Is You" should have been added on Slow Dazzle. Maybe they kept it for a B-side. They should have put it on "Dirty-Ass Rock 'n' Roll". I didn't create a back cover sleeve. Too lazy this time. Catch it here.


John Cale - Dirty-Ass Rock 'n' Roll / Heartbreak Hotel 7" (1975)

Honestly this one has not much interest since both songs were on Slow Dazzle, the associated album, but I decided to post the singles (issued, unissued and some fakes) that John Cale released during the 70's and the 80's, so, to be exhaustive I had to post this one. The single failed to chart but was a spectacular illustration of the state of mind of Cale during the 1975-76 period. Raw, rough, tough, sharp, guttural and depressive, it was surely the most intense artist (let's say with Peter Hammill and Kevin Coyne) over that 2 years and an inspirator for punks. The band behind him was tight and concice (don't forget there was Chris Spedding) and it was necessary due to the erratic behavior of Cale (I was in the Orange festival where the picture of the DIY cover sleeve was shot, and he was no less than out of his brain and couldn't finish the set). On the B-side, there was again the "Heartbreak Hotel" cover, in the studio version this time, and it is one of the most shivering moment in rock history, believe me (but most of you know that already). So catch it here. More to come.


John Cale - Heartbreak Hotel / Buffalo Ballet / Gun Live EP (fake) (1974)

Here something I wanted to do for a long time. Compiling the 3 songs that John Cale played at the Rainbow on the famous collective concert known under the name of June 1, 1974, with Eno, Nico and Kevin Ayers, the last having, on the official LP, the largest part of the setlist. On that evening, Cale played 2 other titles. The first one is for sure "Buffalo Ballet", here on this fake EP, but the other one is uncertain since on the John Cale's site, it is said to have been "Fear", whereas on the bootlegs it is "Gun". Since we can really listen to "Gun" and that it is unlikely to be captured on an other show, maybe "Fear" was the 4th song played, or Cale's memory is failing. It seems the other tracks of this concert not officially released on the album were not properly recorded judging by the weak quality of the bootlegs that have released them. That's sad since Cale's amateurs (and of course each of the artists' ones) would have been glad to have all the songs played by their fave one. I tried to improve the source using DoctorPro2 but it's far to be perfect. Let's say it's better than the bootleg versions I heard. I created, as usual, a fake cover sleeve. I hope you think this is an interesting post. Cale's version of "Heartbreak Hotel" (a classic Elvis one) is no less than one of the most thrilling and moving song in history. Note that contrary to "Buffalo Ballet", "Gun" or even "Fear", the Presley cover was not released on Fear and Cale will wait until the next album (Slow Dazzle) to release it Catch it here.


Dr John - Remedies (1970)

Sorry for the silence, I was just living. Requested by nobody but me, because it is too long I didn't post anything by one of my heroes, the great Dr John. Moreover, this album is still very expensive to find (not to dl I admit, only to get on CDor vinyl) so it's not a bad idea to make it available easily. So get in the voodoo world of the zulu man here.

For an unknown reason this album is no more available anywhere and can be only bought at expensive fares when the previous and the next ones on the same label are easy and cheap to get. It's not even included in the Atco Original Album Series CD. So, songs on this LP can be a little considered as forgotten ones although you can get them by legally paid MP3 in the US, but not in Europe. So, I decided to post this LP from my CD version (good quality). Remedies is the 3rd Dr John LP, and it's a little bit disappointing for who see the cover sleeve and hoped that it would be a new chapter of the voodoo-tainted music of Gris-Gris and Babylon. Actually, the album is separated in two completely different styles. A first one consists in rather lightweight and festive New Orleans music (from "What Goes Around" to "Mardi Gras Day") and a second one, much more in the magical wave of Gris-Gris, and notably the long second side track called "Angola Anthem" which is a sort of mucical mystic experience to do all lights shut and with some strangely smelling candles burning in your room and a young virgin to sacrifize if you want to go as far as possible but don't fool yourself, the song is about the Angolan War of Independance against the Portuguese that will end 4 years after the album release (actually I was wrong, see Shane's comment, it is about a US prison, sorry about my error). Not a soft one judging by these lines from John Marcum "The Portuguese vengeance was awesome. The police helped civilian vigilantes organize nightly slaughters in the Luanda slums. The whites hauled Africans from their flimsy one-room huts, shot them and left their bodies in the streets. A Methodist missionary... testified that he personally knew of the deaths of almost three hundred." The song is only about the slavery conditions in Angola but it's good to remind how colonialism was an horror Europeans have been guilty of and how it's finally a good backlash that Portugal, Spain, France, Italy and UK, all colonialists, are facing a crisis that will throw them in misery when they did so much harm in their history. Enjoy this now-a-rarity LP.


John Cale - The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy / Sylvia Said 7" (1974)

The first single driven from the first LP that John Cale did for Island was not a good A-side choice since "The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy" was among the weakest song in Fear. But the good point was that the B-side ("Sylvia Said") was a non-album track and a wonderful love song. Again not really illustrating what was the bleak atmosphere of the album but a very touching song. He still sings it live. Strange that it was never released (at least to my knowledge) as a bonus track to official reissues of the album (but there were not so much after all) and neither on various compilations except on the Island Years in (unfortunately) a remix version. This is the one I put on this file since I was unable to locate the original single version. Except on the bootleg compilation Doctor Dark, but there's these stupid applauses at the onset and the end of each song to suggest a live recording. Dumbest as possible. Anyway, catch it here. I created a fake cover sleeve since there was none initially. Not fantastic but at least there's an image.


Family - Complete BBC Sessions (1968-73)

Good idea to have requested this compilation of all the BBC sessions recorded by this weird and singular band during it's existence. The format is MP3 for all the songs now (no more ogg). The compilation is uploaded in the same rar file. Rather heavy file but better to dl. Catch it here.

Some years ago, sessions (live or in studio) recorded by Family during their "career" were at last issued in 3 volumes (1968-69, 1970 and 1971-73). Quite expensive and a little arbitrarily released in 3 different CDs, it was a fine way to listen to the entirety of what the band has done for this radio. Rather uneven, there are some gems that deserved to be available. Another strange point one of this CD (the 1971-73) has been rather hard to find lately. Of course the band changed so much during these 5 years that it's a travel across styles. Here all these recordings are gathered in 3 volumes too (mf doesn't allow me to dl them in one file only). The last one must be read by VLC (ogg format).


Van der Graaf Generator - The BBC Sessions (vol 1) (1968-71)

After I published the first compilation of the VDGG BBC sessions, a certain Vlad Tepes, whose blog is called isles of noises published a post with a much more complete session content than mine (unfortunately most links are dead), citing Forgotten Songs but being not Italian speaking I didn' understand what it was said. Surely that my compilation omitted several sessions which I admit. But no use to make a silly comparison between blogs. We're not "concorrente"? Are we? Anyway, here's a much more complete compilation of the BBC sessions that VDGG recorded between 1968 and 1971. Of course there are some tracks missing (even our dear Vlad Tepes had to admit that some songs were lost without a trace), and some others are from poor quality sources. I did my best to improve the sound but honestly sometimes it was "mission impossible". Moreover, sometimes, the band played more than indulgent and forgettable material and the loss was not so dramatical (eg. "Squid", "Dambusters March" or the dumb "An Epidemic Of Father Christmases"). So here are 23 songs among the 27 listed in most archives. Catch it here.

I'm sure many among you will appreciate this post cos' it gathers on the same fake LP (a double one if it really existed, and a double CD it would be) all the sessions Van der Graaf Generator (and without the Generator) have recorded for the BBC. Until now, there was only the Maida Vale album, now very expensive to buy and not easy to find on blogs, and the VDGG box, but never had they been pooled in chronological order on any CD. Here is the way to listen to them in their continuity. Listening to these 17 performances is simply stunning. This band, and particularly Peter Hammill, has brought to music something unique that no-one else would have done but him. If the classic line-up has recorded most of the sessions, the first and last line-ups have recorded the 1st and last ones and they are also great. Contrary to most progressive bands (but VDGG has never been really a progressive band), the live versions had something different, an increased intensity compared to the studio ones, and that's what we feel here. Moreover, the 2 versions of "Darkness" show how the band was not unidimensional in their playing. But enough said, this is simply extraordinary. Years pass but I don't change on this point. This band is great, and is still great today, in its trio personification. Just one last thing: the sound is quite uneven. The oldest sessions seem to come from rather rudimentary recording but most of them have a perfect production.


Leon Russell - Leon Live (1973)

Sad Leon Russell died yesterday. He was part of my teenage dream. He was the charismatic guy with hat and so long hair behind his piano, captain of the Mad Dog & Englishman ship. His solo career was not always my taste but between 1970 and 1973 he was a scenic phenomenon, all in revival gospel excess. Here the ultimate testimony of this era with this 3 LP live set entitled Leon live recorded at the Long Beach Arena ion the 28 August 1972. More details below. Catch it here.

Some days ago, Leon Russell was inducted to the Hall of Fame by Elton John (whatever this sentence may mean since I'm not sure I know exactly what the hell it's about to induct someone to the Hall of Fame). A good opportunity to say here how, with Dr John and Al Kooper, this charismatic man was underrated over his career. Of course, it's his role next to Joe Cocker that gave him this special aura he's associated to, this so special look that I found so "rock 'n' roll" when I was 12 when actually it was not rock 'n' roll but gospel rock. In studio, Leon Russell never reached the intensity of his live sets (and actually was surely the less talented of the 3 for studio work). But on stage, he was able to put the room on fire only with his strange donald duck voice and his piano-à-là Jerry Lee Lewis. In this live 3 LP album, he closed his fame period, since then he'll try to touch to a wider variety of genres without the success he met with gospel rock. If the band is not as shaky as was the one playing on Mad Dogs and Englishmen, there is enough groove and excitation to make it a classic that I surprise myself to listen to very often, particularily when I don't know what to listen to and I'm not in a doom mood. Sometimes, Leon's band sounds as Mott the Hoople (pre-Bowie era). If there are many self-indulgent passages, there's enough here to make you dance all around the place in screaming the choruses with the choir. So c'mon for celebrating the old Leon, when he (and we) was young and crazy.


JFG & The Irregulars -Old Ghost / Gimcraks fake 7 (2012)

Fifth and last of the (fake) singles from JFG (with various backing bands) that I'll post. One of my fave song ever from him, unfortunately the last he officially released (he did some demos afterwards but not issued). Listen to the maestria of the composition, to this flying violins and this haunting melody and tell me if this not a masterpiece. The atmosphere of the song reminds me of the Ghost and Mrs Muir, the Joseph L. Mankiewicz movie with Gene Tierney. The B-side is rockier but another winner that will provide thrills in everyone who like its garage psyche with a touch of class and a great voice. Don't forget to go to is bandcamp page (here) to get (for a ridiculous low amount of money) songs I didn't post. Note that these 2 songs belong to the EP called 2012 where you'll find two bonus tracks. Catch this great single here. Below the clip I did to insert in this post with the cover sleeve I created.


JFG & Winter Of Love - Like A Dog / Brutus fake 7" (2012)

Fourth re-up of JFG, here with a line-up called Winter Of Love, actually they were two, Olivier Bernet (responsible for the gorgeous orchestration) and JFG (responsible for the gorgeous everything else). They recorded in 2012 a full album that is, according to my standards, wonderful, but unfortunately it was never issued. A complete shame. Not impossible I publish it here if JFG gives me the authorization one day. Meanwhile, here a (fake) single, that could have been such a great one. Catch it here. The A-side ("Like A Dog") was used as the soundtrack of the end credits of a Marjane Satrapi film called "The Voices" (see the clip below) in a very different (and less my taste) version. I also discovered tonight that Sophie Theaux, a young multidisciplinary artist that I knew and who was a friend of JFG, had made a clip with her art with the same song as the backing track (see below too). It's a great emotion for me since she died 2 years ago, I think it was in November, my memory is failing. My tears are not. The B-side "Brutus" is also stunningly haunting and moving. This man is a completely underrated genius and I'm sick that he didn't find the way to large public acclaim when there is such a load of bullshit meeting success. Fed up with shitty tastes of my contemporary humanity. As usual with re-ups, the text from the previous post below.

I know you are 300 to visit this blog each day. Several among you are kind enough to write to me that they share my tastes, even if these are sometimes quite different from the mainstream one. So please, do me a favor. Listen and support JFG, a great singer, composer, performer, in the tradition of Robyn Hitchcock, Wreckless Eric, Peter Perrett, Dan Treacy with a early Fall touch, and some more that you sure, like me, consider as great ones. He's the one for our times. I posted a compilation (here) and 2 singles (here and there) previously. Here is a 3rd one from a soon to release album recorded with some musicians under the name of Winter of Love. The album is great, in the vein of Dukes of Stratosphear or even Polyphonic Spree. Here, I selected a song that should make it in single, its tune being one of these standards you hum under the rain on shitty days everyone seems a moron but you don't care. Although you feel like a dog, and need a hug never any woman will give you, too much occupied to have a career to do, a rubbish to buy, hair to cut or another man to fuck with. The B-side (named "Brutus", a dog name for sure) is one of the most delicate and moving melody you'll hear this year probably. So, now, while you wait for this new album to be issued, go here and there to buy his previous stuff. It's prime choice, you won't regret it. 


JFG & the Irregulars - Passing Through / Casablanca Moon fake 7" (2012)

Third single from JFG re-uped. Driven from the Bordeaux/Berlin album (here). Again a fake single but should habe a real one. Catch it (here). Note that the songs included in previous posted one (here)  feature in the album but in different version. Those in the single were actually from the Home Recordings and not from Bordeaux/Berlin.

One of the most hidden musical secret of our times is the genius of JFG. Not a surprise for those who visit this blog regularly since I posted previously several LPs or fake singles from this extraordinary composer. After the great Winter of Love LP some months ago, here a fresh new CD, recorded with his (Ir)Regulars, somewhere between France and Germany during their German tour last spring. Not a live LP anyhow but 12 songs perfectly well produced in studio. Some featured on previous releases but all in new versions, other songs are new. As usual, it's totally stunning and deserves to be in your playlist of this year. If you dig Jonathan Richman, Robyn Hitchcock, Peter Perrett, Wreckless Eric, Vic Godard, the Jazz Butcher, Perfect Disaster and even the Fall or the Strokes, you shouldn't miss such an artist. And of course if you dig Slapp Happy since the B-side of this fake single is a cover of their "Casablanca Moon" (sung by Julie Mercadié, the backing vocal girl of the band, here in front voice, JFG backing her). The A-side is a personal choice, a song about feeling unwell with others in some mundane context, a feeling I had so many times in my life it explains I'm rather an ermit today. And more than the lyrics, the song is a winner, the kind you listen to on mornings to give you some motivation to confront all the day's shit that is waiting for you outside. And buy it then anywhere you can find it (e.g. here), you won't be deceived. And you, numerous US visitors, try to convince some label to distribute it in your land.


JFG - The Iceman Is Coming / (I'll Never) Apologize To You fake 7" (2011)

Second single (another fake) from JFG (never know if we must write in capitals or not). Believe me, have a try and you'll love it. Catch it here. Below a video I made with the cover sleeve above (mine) and one of the band playing the song live.

Taken from his superb compilation of his home recordings LP (you can dl for cheap here), here a 2-song fake 7" with "The ice man is coming" on A-side, a should-be-a-hit song for sure. If you're into Robyn Hitchcock, Jonathan Richman, Monochrome Set or Vic Godard, they'll be in your faves quite quick I promise. I had quite a hard time chosing a self-made cover sleeve but I preferred not to use a flat illustration of ice and drinks for a rather more complex and unsane one from a girl called Vashtia (deviantArt gallery here). Below a picture of JFG with Julie on backing vocals and his Regulars during a recent show. More to come soon. 


JFG & The Regulars - Where's The Regular Man? / Phone In Sick fake 7" (2010)

After the Soft Boys, the Monochrome Set and Television Personalities, it's rather logical to re-up jfg and his various bands since I doubt that if you love these above bands you wouldn't fall in love with him. Here's the first of 5 singles (real or fake, this one is a fake) that were (or should have been) released between 2010 and 2012. Some details about the songs of this first one in the original post below. If you want to get more, go to his Bandcamp page here. I won't post complete LPs or EPs that are to sell on Bandcamp of course. Meanwhile catch this first one here. PS. Note that the "Phone In Sick" version in the Youtube video is a little bit different than the one on this single (driven from the album).

I posted previously a compilation of my fave tracks from JFG (here, you should have it, you bad visitors), my opposite since he's an Englishman in a French talking real world (he's living in Bordeaux, the south west of France) whilst I'm a Frenchman in an English writing networld. I was impatiently waiting the day he'd released an LP. It's done with his current band, the Regulars. Imagine Robyn Hitchcock fronting the Fall of the first decade mixed with some Jazz Butcher pieces in it ("but there's more "would say Todd Rundgren) and you have a taste of the music proposed here. This post is a fake single I selected to make you know the man. Since he really needs you to buy the LP, I don't post the whole LP. If you love what you hear, don't hesitate to buy the album in going on their myspace here. But first, take this "should exist" single. The picture I chose for the A-side is from a certain Mislav Mihalj (deviantArt page here) and for the B-side from Anouk . J (deviantArt page there). Quite fitting the content I feel (I hope I should say).


Television Personalities - Wonder What It Was / Radiohead Song 7" (2011)

As I wrote in the original post, this is the last TVP single till today and surely forever but who knows. This one closes the series of the singles issued during the 2006-11 era. Catch this one here. As you know, you can find them all gathered on a compilation I made there.

This is THE last Television Personalities single. A visitor was true when he corrected me after I wrote it was  "You're My Yoko". Actually, it's not clear whether it's an official one (only released in Formosa, with 2 songs recorded during the Memory sessions) but after all in the 90's there were also semi-official singles considered now as historically equivalent to the official ones. On side-A, it's a demo version of  "Walk Towards The Light" (the 4th song on Memory LP). Dan Treacy is alone on guitar. Moving, intimate, everything we love in this artist. On side-B it's a very good instrumental that deserved to be released. I bought the single very recently. It's not the one above, mine in number 554. I tried to capture the A-side with the best possible quality. The B-side was found on the net.


Television Personalities - You're My Yoko / The Girl From Nowhere 7" (2009)

Fifth single of the 2006-11 era, the A-side is a wonderful song, showing how much Dan Treacy had still to offer. The B-side is not on the LP. Catch it here.

Last official single released by Dan Treacy, 4 years ago, the A-side, with it's weird reference to Yoko Ono (surely for the pleasure of playing with "Oh no") would be on A Memory Is Better Than Nothing the next year but under the name of "She's My Yoko". Actually, I'm not sure it's completely the same version so I was careful to put the single source. On the B-side, the Velvetian "Girl From Nowhere" seems like a swansong in which Dan Treacy disappears forever, caring no more how he sings and what the fuck is going on, like in our last moments when we think "oh let it go". The instrumental final with oboe is really gorgeous. Music should always be like this or not be.