Public Image Ltd - Public Image / The Cowboy Song (1978)

Few may know the shock it was to listen to the first single of Public Image (Ltd) in the Autumn of 1978. Most of us were expecting (hoping?) a sort of Sex Pistols Mark II and we got a sort of "Siouxsie & the Banshees went Dub" that was everything but instantly lovable. I was personally impressed and happy that he deceived all the expectations and, like Mark Perry, quickly escaped the punk coda and silly rock posture that became the norm. Original punks were everything but this mandatory rock 'n' roll attitude. But that's another story. This single has a non-LP B-side that is one reason to post it. Catch it here.


Lal Waterson - Once in a Blue Moon (1996)

A re-up of this wonderful album on request of a visitor. Listening to it tonight, I find in the music something of Everything But The Girl (not the voice, but the way guitars and chords are played, and the general atmosphere). With Melanie and Mandy Morton another never to forget artist for sure. Catch her here.

A limited vinyl edition of this seminal folk LP (that she recorded with her talented son, Oliver Knight) has been released some months ago. I posted previously 2 songs from this album on a fake single (here), maybe 2 among the greatest songs ever done (one was covered last year by the Unthanks), but i think it is useful to remind everyone the importance of this record, so I decided to post it entirely (since it seems the links in folk's blogs are dead). It will be a welcome addiction to Mandy Morton's if you did not know Lal Waterson. Her voice is very different, more in a Billie Holiday/Karen Dalton mood, but totally idiosyncrasic actually. She died in 1999, at 55 yrs, after a last record called A Bed of Roses. Sad that 2 of the greatest folk singers disappeared from view so early. Meanwhile, folk the cradle of your sadness with this mother's voice. The above cover is maybe the one of a limited CD edition. It's better than the official one below. Below again is the limited vinyl edition one. The rip is not prime quality (only 256 kb) so buy the album then.

tilidom file storage

Phoebe. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see this tangle of three. Oh my Harvey stop and stay with me. Feel how our knees buckle beneath, See how the trees bow down in safety. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see that heart has been broken, And comes with no rider in slow motion. Phoebe, don't look on helplessly. Cannot you see this tangle of three.


Public Image Limited - Memories / Another 7" (1979)

I'm in the very exciting John Lydon autobiography and I listen a lot to PIL production and really it was a fantastic band. So I re-up this single (see more below) with its non-LP B-side. I think I'll post more soon. And I'm not OK anymore with my old statement below: John Lydon is not a boring bloke since then. I enjoy who he is and even the today version of PIL. Since he was my model, reference and hero in 1976-79 (with Mark Perry of course), it's a pleasure, 40 years later, to be able to write things like this on him. Catch these memories here.

Writing some album reviews for the special Xroads issue (a French music mag) on the best records of the eighties (from 1979 to 1987), and in particular on Metal Box from PIL, I take the measure of the influence of this band on the (good) music of the nineties, more specifically God, Scorn, Terminal Cheesecake and so on. Based on Can meets dub (the music) meets Kevin Coyne meets Nico (the voice), this post Pistols project of John Lydon was a winner and a rebirth. Here is the 3rd single with a non album track ("Another") that was only released on a special CD issue of the next album, Flowers of Romance. It's a way to pay hommage to this short-lived version of PIL, 3 guys with more ideas to sell than most of their contempories and who contributed to pave the way to music of the next decade (after the awful New Wave years were over). What a shame Lydon became such a boring bloke since then. Enjoy this 7". The lyrics of "Memories" are reproduced down there and it's not impossible it concerns his old pals from the Pistols.

Memories. You make me feel ashamed At acting attitudes Remember ridicule It should be clear by now clear by now Your words are useless Full of excuses False confidence Someone has used you well Used you well I could be wrong It could be hate As far as I can see Clinging desperately Imagining pretending No personality Dragging on and on and on and on And on and on and on and on I think you're slightly late Slightly late This person's had enough of useless memories Always remember Twisted amenities Could be wrong This person's had enough Of useless memories Always remember Twisted amenities Out of order Out of order It could be worse You're losing all the time I could be wrong Could be worse You're losing all the time I let you stay too long I could be wrong Could be wrong Whatever pass Could never last All in your mind Where it all began You're doing wrong It's not the movies And you're old



Mott The Hoople - Live In The USA (1971)

Second and last Mott re-up for tonight. Recorded the same year than the Stockholm show. Once again, this is a tribute to Buffin. Enjoy here.

In June 1971, we find Mott The Hoople in the USA for their second tour in this eldorado for all English bands hoping for complete recognition, this land being the craddle of the music they had adapted in their island. The tour was a little chaotic since Free, the band they supported, cancelled the tour due to disbanding, but there was a handful of shows and this is one of them (no information where) with 5 songs only and a crowd not much hotter than in Sweden (and a good sound quality). But when they played "Walkin' With A Mountain", things got better (they always got better with this rocker). The highpoint of the set is the wonderful version of "Angel Of The Eighth Avenue" (in streaming below), closing this testimony of the band going back to their heavy sound. Remember they were trying to find a new breath after their failed attempt to play some US-CSNY-influenced rock. I did the cover sleeve. I'm not sure that Ian Hunter had this maltese cross guitar in June (he got it in September). I should have verified but some of you will surely make a comment about it. Below some videos from a show in France (Taverne de l'Olympia) captured 2 months later.

Mott The Hoople - Live In Stockholm (1971)

Buffin is dead. Sad news although he was seriously ill for some years now (Alzheimer they say). But his great drumming and his wonderful androgyn look made him so special. And he became of course the well-known Peel sessions producer. An opportunity to re-up the Mott LPs that were not still re-available. The first one here. Mott was and will always stay one of my most cherished band.

More than 5 months after the Fairfield Halls concert and some weeks after the failure of the strangely US-folk rock oriented Wildlife to sell decently, we find our boys in Sweden in front of a rather apathic audience. In no way the hot atmosphere of the UK shows although "Walking With A Mountain" (nothing to do with the band they cover "Long Red") will heat their nordic guts . This is the reason this live set broadcasted on a local radio (not the high quality of the Fairfield Halls show but decent however) is relatively weak compared to the usual live standards of the band. The fault is partly due to the setlist, not the best to imagine. But all in all, a good show to share. If you want a respectful sonor version (I mean not the MP3-degraded one), you can find this concert on the All The Way From Stockholm To Philadelphia Live 71/72 double CD released by Angel Air in 1998. Be careful, on their Live at Fairfield Halls CD, they added the concert minus "Keep 'A' Knocking". More to come.


John Cale - Mercenaries (Ready For War) / Rosegarden Funeral Of Sores 7" (1980)

Re-up on request. I'm not in a John Cale period so I won't add anything more than what I wrote below. Didn't buy the Diesel CD version hitherto. Catch this one here.

This single was released with the Sabotage Live LP and featured an edit version of "Mercenaries" and an unissued song that would be covered the same year by Bauhaus on the B-side of their "Telegram Sam" cover single (are you still with me?). "Mercenaries" is typical of this international-politic-paranoid period John Cale was in. At these times, I had lost any interest in what he was doing but I was damned wrong. It travelled through time much better that most of what was released in 1980. Never too late to admit I have been dumb. "Rosegarden..." is something of an experimental song, actually it could be Kim Fowley (another of my heroes, who would release his great Son of Frankenstein the following year). It's more than probable that Cale was influenced by KF when he sang on this one (listen to the way he finished the song). The Bauhaus version is not very different but nothing may rivals with Cale's voice. Note also how on such songs Cale is not far from the Fall (actually the Fall are on Cale's feet). The sound quality is not very good and this is a ripped version I didn't do myself since I don't own this single. Actually, "Rosegarden" was released in apparently proper version on the Diesel CD version of Sabotage but prices are too high for my little fortune. However I added the versions featuring on a half-bootleg compilation called Doctor Dark, a shameless compilation disguised in a fake live LP with added applauses on it (this is what I call a sub-human way to treat artists and fans). Except for this awful idea, it is the occasion to listen to "Rosegarden" in a high quality format. For "Remedies", just put your Sabotage CD or good vinyl version on their supports. More from Cale soon on this blog. Meanwhile, enjoy this little amuse gueule. Nothing cheap and nasty.


Kim Fowley - 21st Century Youth (2012)

Exactly one year ago died one of my all-time hero, Kim Fowley. Of course he was not a saint and all he did was not totally in accordance with my way of seeing male-female relations or even my musical tastes, but he has been from 1972 (the year I discovered him) till his death 43 years later, a reference for how getting old with "panache" not only in rock but also in life. And now I see coming soon the last part of existence I won't forget his lesson: stay creative, stay mad, stay unpredictable, stay sex-inclined, stay supportive for youth. In 2012 he had an incredible productive year. This LP was recorded over a 3 year timespan (2009-12) and is the only one of that year for which I have some info about the musicians (it's on the back sleeve). It's also one of the most experimental of the 5 (666, Now and Grease with Bruning Bones, there's a last one to be posted called Death City). There are some very strong songs such as "You Won't Be Young" (I did a pix video for Youtube, see below), "Emergency Room" or "Time To Make A Change". Another one not to be missed. One day these 5 LPs will be seen as great achievement. Catch it here and enjoy the great Mr Fowley, with us forever. I did a cover sleeve since once again the original one (see at the bottom) was rather ugly. Maybe I should not but I can't help to do it.


Kim Fowley - Now (2012)

Another re-up of a 2012 Kim Fowley LP, another great one, the last offers of this weird character being unfaithfully underrated and overlooked. There are some real gems in it although it is not so good than 666. On the 15th of January, there'll be 1 year KF is dead. Strange to live in a world where some artists that we were used, aren't anymore (recently Lemmy Kilminster). But that's the way life goes and one day the world will be without each of us. Note that KF has finally been on the cover of Girls And Corpses as he wanted to (see here and there). Although I'm not very sensitive, it's a bit hard for me. I also created another fake cover sleeve with a picture from a photo session he shot with Chelsea Schuchman taken by Brad Elterman (the whole session here). I think it's better than the ugly coloured original one. No info once again about the musicians. Ashame since there are some great parts and musical themas on it such as "Toxic Rivers Overflow" (see the rudimentary clip below I created tonight) or "Artificial Sunshine". Catch this re-up here.

Yesterday I saw Kim Fowley with Snow Mercy play in the Saint Merri church in Paris and this was an incredibly strong emotional experience. He improvised (almost) all the texts and litterally created in front of us the music he played, thanks to the great French musicians that backed him with a "formidable" adaptative ability (they are called the Electric Virgins I think). It was the first (and surely the last) time I saw my all-time-hero on stage and I couldn't be anything else than impressed by this legend of rock 'n' roll offering in no way the usual pathetic face of "ghosts-of-what-they-were" old artists but novative, subversive and transgressive creative force at 72 and 4 bladder cancers survivor. Now this post. It's about his last LP called Now and released last month. You will think I'm a complete fan and finally you're not wrong but again I find this new album totally stunning. Although I regret not to have any details about the players (they should be cited after all), it's again a clear sign that Kim Fowley has rarely been in a more creative state than in these last months. He escaped death for the best since he offers us some great insight in human condition via a much more experimental approach of music than on his recent and fantastic 666. There's a rocker handful (the 2 intro songs) but several more adventurous tracks (notably the splendid "Artificial Sunshine" and "Demons-Underdogs-Assassins", the 2 in streaming below), but also the moving and wonderful "Toxic Rivers Overflow" (also in streaming below) with a celestian and arabian atmosphere. Sometimes we're not far from the old Fall style ("Master of Disaster"). But better to stop my useless commentary about an unavoidable new piece of the Kim's puzzle that he will leave to the world. Please try to buy here.