Kim Fowley - 21st Century Youth (2012)

Exactly one year ago died one of my all-time hero, Kim Fowley. Of course he was not a saint and all he did was not totally in accordance with my way of seeing male-female relations or even my musical tastes, but he has been from 1972 (the year I discovered him) till his death 43 years later, a reference for how getting old with "panache" not only in rock but also in life. And now I see coming soon the last part of existence I won't forget his lesson: stay creative, stay mad, stay unpredictable, stay sex-inclined, stay supportive for youth. In 2012 he had an incredible productive year. This LP was recorded over a 3 year timespan (2009-12) and is the only one of that year for which I have some info about the musicians (it's on the back sleeve). It's also one of the most experimental of the 5 (666, Now and Grease with Bruning Bones, there's a last one to be posted called Death City). There are some very strong songs such as "You Won't Be Young" (I did a pix video for Youtube, see below), "Emergency Room" or "Time To Make A Change". Another one not to be missed. One day these 5 LPs will be seen as great achievement. Catch it here and enjoy the great Mr Fowley, with us forever. I did a cover sleeve since once again the original one (see at the bottom) was rather ugly. Maybe I should not but I can't help to do it.


Joaquim Rodrigues said...

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Anonymous said...

Thanks for re-upping this! Kim Fowley and Sky Saxon are the only two American rock n' rollers I know of who managed to have 40-year long careers that were artistically relevant to the very end. Hopefully people will start to realize that Fowley has more than just "The Trip" and Outrageous. Any chance you also have Death City?