Kim Fowley - Death City (2012)

That may seem weird that Kim Fowley released so many albums in 2012 (no less than 5 judging by the official release dates). Surely some were recorded some years before but I don't know which one. This one was my less loved but now that I listened to it quite a lot, I can't say there is any less loved one among them. Actually each one consisted of rather heterogenous material and in each there are some gems that any KF fan (or not) should possess. In this one it's  "Men don't have sex" (I did a modest video below) and "Goblin" that are my fave tracks. Maybe I should do in the future a sort of selection tracks album with what I think are the gems on this 5 LP offer. Anyway, here is Death City. No info about who plays on it unfortunately (maybe there are some but I didn't find, if you have, don't hesitate to leave it in the comments section). As for the other 2012 LPs, I did a new cover sleeve cos' really they were all ugly and the music on them deserves a better wrapping. Meanwhile, catch it here.


Anonymous said...

Thanks for this, your cover is great! My favorite track is "Kim Vincent Fowley."

Vonnoosh said...

I can understand Fowley's productivity late in his life. Working can be like therapy when you are sick. Frank Zappa never stopped until he literally could not go on anymore. David Bowie's last album was produced after his terminal cancer diagnosis. Freddie Mercury's last two albums with Queen, dramatically losing weight and strength because of AIDS, Muddy Waters played through heart problems. Howlin Wolf performed and recorded with failing kidneys and later after he was diagnosed with cancer, Roland Kirk after his stroke, playing his sax with only one hand, even recording an album and touring with only the right side of his body working. And on and on. It's either work or lying in bed fearing when the clock runs out. God bless all of these creative warriors for what they did, especially toward the end of their lives with their courage showing in their works, like Fowley's.