The Sensational Alex Harvey Band - The Old Grey Whistle Test (73-77)

I listen to music since I am 12 and I'm 57, never ceased to listen to it, always tried to keep in touch with what was released during all these decades, always found at least something good to hear, sometimes very rich periods, and not only during the 60s and 70s as often old farts like me do loke to say. If I begin this post with this statement it's because I would like to say that what I'm absolutely sure, it's that The Sensational Alex Harvey Band was one of the or maybe the most singular band to have existed in rock history. Each time I go back to them (about once a year), I am shocked by the incredible idiosyncrasic musical universe they had created and how it has not been altered by time. Of course it's not difficult to recognize some of mid-70s stylistic characteristics but it escapes this narrow classification and becomes something like a total act, narrative, multi-stylistic, cabaret, grotesque, popular and so many things to add. Here it's only the 3 appearances of the band (the last one minus Alex Harvey and rather forgettable) at The Old Grey Whistle Test + their appearance at Top of the Pops for "Boston Tea Party" (not a playback so nice to add). This was released on 2 different CDs in the past but I did a personal cover sleeve as I often do, because I like it. Below some clips from these appearances. Much better to be re-up or newly posted in the further days. This is Alex times again. Catch it here.

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