Spriguns of Tolgus - Jack With A Feather (1975)

The first official album of the band in which Mandy Morton has a much smaller role and place than she'll have fortunately 2 years later on Time Will Pass or Magic Lady. Here one can only hear her sing on some songs and the whole atmosphere is more a trad. folk band than the doom folk female-vocal led band they'll quickly became. But I decided to be complete in the discography posted on this blog (I'll also post their demo album officially released only in 1992 but recorded before Jack With A Feather) and finally this album is not unpleasant. and the songs that Mandy Morton sing (just listen to "Let No Man Steal Your Thyme" to verify by yourself) are worth most of the other folk albums. Sure it was issued a little bit too late. In 1975, the trad. folk fashion was over for long (say 1970) and all the bands that belonged to this genre were playing progressive folk or even mainstream rock (from Strawbs to Steeleye Span) with only a reminiscent folk flavour. It was courageous (or maybe unconscious, or both) to hope to gain popularity in 1975 with such a musical style. I don't know if the source here is from a CD support or not since I don't remember where I found it and that I don't have the CD. Anyway the sound quality is very good. So catch it here.

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