Spriguns of Tolgus - Rowdy, Dowdy Day (1974)

Before going on with Alex Harvey, I'd like to finish to post all the Mandy Morton material. Here the last. Actually it's the first album of the Spriguns. It was even only a private demo cassette made in 1974, the year prior to Jack With A Feather, their first album (some tracks are on both), and later released as an official LP in 1992. What could have been a musical testimony of their beginnings with only a historical value, is an excellent album, better than their 2 first official ones (Jack With A Feather and Revel Weird and Wild) if you want my opinion. First because it's pure folk, without any failed attempt to sound rock or mainstream, and second because Mandy Morton is strangely omnipresent. Strangely since it's weird that she was then relatively put on the back when they seem to have built the band on her singing. Maybe one day we'll know what happened between 1975 and 1977 when she finally took the leadership of the band. The 12 songs here are really trad. folk and don't expect anything that tries to rock but of course it aged better than anything since it's ageless. I added the details on the back cover sleeve but they are not on the original one (see below). This will close the Mandy Morton posts. I hope she'll see that there are still people who listen to her and regret she has stopped singing and recording. Catch this forgotten gem here.


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