Christophe - Chiqué Chiqué / Un Tour d'Harley Avec Lucie (1988)

After a 3 year gap, Christophe released in 1988 a new single with the classic "made-to-be-a-hit" commercial slow A-side, and the "I-do-what-I-actually-like" experimental B-side. The A-side ("Chiqué Chiqué", which means "Fake Fake") was, as its title suggested, rather fake and failed. The B-side was maybe less interesting than the ones that were on the previous singles B-sides posted on this blog (except the 1985 "Ne Raccroche Pas" single where the B-side was a song from the previous LP and not an original, so I didn't post it) but is worth of interest anyway (although too short: less than 2 min.). Don't forget that he released recently a new LP (Vestiges du Chaos) that is surely one of the best things this country (France) can provide to the world musically speaking (thanx to forget Air or Daft Punk). Note that the B-side of this single can be seen as a mould in which his great albums of the 2000's where cooked. Catch it here. PS. the voice sample comes from Konchalovsky's 'Maria's Lovers ' (1984). It's  de Nastassja Kinski's voice, saying "Well... Goodnight everybody" to John Savage and Vincent Spano.

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