Christophe - J'l'ai Pas Touché / Voix Sans Issue (edit and extended versions) (1984)

One year after his "Succès Fou" (which was not a crazy success in the charts), Christophe released this single featuring, according to his now well-known strategy, a hit attempt on the A-side (often rather uninteresting I must say, and this one is not really a must) and an experimental track on the B-side. Here it is really an experimental one, sung in English, and based on the final of Billie Wilder's Sunset Boulevard where Gloria Swanson walked down the stairs under the fake direction of Erich Von Stroheim. Called "Voix Sans Issue" (playing on the word similarities between voix (voice) and voie (path or street), "sans issue" meaning "deadend"), this is a true forgotten gem of the eighties (minus the drums, too much marked by the sound of this period), a decade where Christophe was relatively absent. But it's true it always took him 5 to 8 years to record an album after Pas Vu Pas Pris. I added 2 versions of this track. The one that was on the B-side of the single, caught here in a true high quality version, and an extended one in a weaker quality but there's almost 7 min of music instead of 5. Catch this single here.

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