Van Der Graaf Generator - Live at Belgium TV (1972)

I usually don't like much making an album with a TV set easily found on Youtube but honestly this one is so stunningly good that it deserves to be proposed as a MP3 format LP here. The band, at its peak, plays their most incredible track, "A plague of lighthouse-keepers". Their studio version is one of the great masterpieces of rock music and to see and hear them play this live (even in a TV studio) is a fantastic visual and aural experience. If I decided to put these 2 tracks (I don't think they played something else at this show) it's because one Youtuber (named Bruno Samppa) provided 2 years ago a remastered improved sound version that makes it now nice for an independant self-made mini-album. For those who want to watch the set, I posted it at the end. Catch the sound version here. I created a mediocre cover sleeve but did not find anything that would fit better than this one. Sorry.

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