Van der Graaf Generator - Theme One / W 7" (1972)

Re-up of this 4th single of the band. Everything about here below. More to come notably the almost complete BBC sessions added of several rare to find songs with improved sound. I'm in a VDGG phase these days. Try this one here.

There was a 2 year gap before another VDGG single was issued, but was it really a VDGG single since on "Theme One" Peter Hammill was not even here when they recorded this Georges Martin tune. And it has not much to do with the usual musical world of the band we love. It was issued mainly because the band felt it was a way to keep in touch with a new audience (this instrumental was part of their live set and worked quite well on stage). But it would not be the case. The single is worth the listen for it's B-side, "w" (for waves), a real VDGG song this one, and a good one. The lyrics are particularily relevant to what happens in life (at least mine but surely yours if you love Peter Hammill). Since on the Pawn Hearts reissue, they included the first version of the song (quite better than the one on the single), I included both in the rar file. It is to note that the UK cover sleeve (see above) of the single is the inner picture of Pawn Hearts and that today, it surely would be considered as totally scandalous. Time goes by.

"w"(single version)
tilidom file storage

W. Life is an endless succession of waves, you're happy and you're sad and you don't appreciate the good times until you're in the bad.... You wake up one morning - w -and you're twice as unhappy as you've ever been before in your life. You wake up, go to the window and see smoke billowing across the lawn. You pick your feet up, drag yourself downstairs and you're gone. You wake up one morning - w - and you're twice as unhappy as you've ever been before in your life. You wake up, look to your left but you see no reassuring head. You stay in bed all day. At six o'clock you realise you're dead.


Anonymous said...

I forgot to say thank you for this.
I lost my "W" when transfering cassettes to CDR, which was kind of sad because I always liked this song.
Thanks to you I have it back now....

dk said...

Your comment is the reason this blog exists. To make available again songs lost in the unstopping change of formats, this to make us pay and pay again the same song almost 5 times since it was released in the 70's (eg. single, LP, 1st CD version, remasterisation, MP3). Unfortunately I don't own everything I would like to post here but I got some gems. Thx for the comment.

Hausmeister said...

I found you in the search of Theme One which I only have in the "The Box" version. Thank you very much for the presentation on your fine blog.