Marc Bolan & T. Rex - The Soul Sessions (1973-75)

After Slade, T. Rex. But something special since it is a batch of 8 songs recorded during various sessions that the T. Rex recorded as backing band for 3 different black singers i.e., Gloria Jones, Richard Jones and Sister Pat Hall. It seems most of the sessions were recorded during November 1973, February to April 1974 but some were recorded later around July 1975. During these sessions Marc Bolan recorded some songs for him (here are 8) and some (at least 6 among these ones) would find their place in his albums or singles. It is the case for "The Leopards" in Zinc Alloy (released in February 1974) , for "I Really Love You Babe" and "Golden Belt" in Bolan's Zip Gun (released in February 1975) and for "Dawn Storm" and "Casual Agent" in Futuristic Dragon (released in January 1976) and finally to the great "City Port" as a single B-side issued as Marc Bolan and Gloria Jones. Neither "Savage Beethoven" or "Sky Church Music" will be retained. These songs can be found on various more or less complete compilations of these sessions (Pure Magic or The Soul Sessions) but melted with tracks not sung by Marc Bolan and I think it's good to have them all gathered on the same fake LP in a 8 song-format. Of course, I know there are alternate takes of some of these songs on the double LP The Soul Sessions but honestly I don't think they are so interesting to be added here. Did the cover sleeve with a 1976 photo shoot I think. But it's a nice one. Catch it here. More to come from Bolan.

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jonder said...

Very interesting! Thank you. At first glance, I thought the front cover was a picture of Billie Joe Armstrong from Green Day. Is it just me?