Strawbs - Live at the Capitol Theatre, Passaic (1976)

Another live set by Strawbs (the ninth), and this one never posted on FS. It was recorded at the Capitol Theatre (New Jersey) in December 1976 for the Deep Cuts tour. The concert is good, except that the 2 new members on keyboards (Kirby and Mealing) are not so appropriate to Strawbs gothic-prog atmosphere than was the great John Hawken. Moreover, the songs from Deep Cuts lacked the power of the classic Strawbs songs. But all in all, if you like the band, you'll be glad to have this one in your collection. The concert is here in a one piece, I didn't have the patience and the courage to cut each song separaterely. So it's more than 2 hours long but actually there's only 1:22 of music, the rest is radio presentation (it was broadcasted on WNEW sometime in 1977), Cousins talk to the crowd, crowd shouts, and even a drum solo, something most of the time we can all avoid without any frustration. This is what I would have liked to delete but I was too lazy to do it. I also decided not to improve the sound that is rather good for a boot. This concert is available here and there on the web (and in some pay-sites I rather disapprove, against few but too much money since they didn't pay for that and moreover stole the cover sleeves some of us, free bloggers, we have done for the albums). Catch it here it's free. The fake cover sleeve was also made with a Alison Scarpulla picture. Much better than the visuals the band had between 1975 and 1978.

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