String Driven Thing - Live at the Manchester Free Trade Hall (1973)

A second SDT live testimony of this great but short-live band. Here they are guests on the Foxtrot's Genesis tour and without drummer so it's quite different of the previous post. Moreover songs are only from their first album on Charisma (the Genesis label of course), a rather weaker album than The Machine That Cried that was  partially played on later shows of the year. But, you'll see (more precisely hear) that they could put the fire on stage, even in front of an audience waiting with impatience their progressive shit (I say that but in 1972 I was a Genesis fan so I was one of them, except that in France we had not STD with them). This live set was released with an awfully ugly cover sleeve some years ago under the title Live on the Foxtrot Tour 4 years ago. I changed the cover for a DIM (did-it-myself) one based once again upon the famous and weird Mexico's Island of the Dolls, since I think is a fine illustration to go with the music that played the band. There's still one live set to come soon. Meanwhile, catch this one here.


kingpossum said...

Absolutely brilliant. Thanks so much. The musicianship and the recording fidelity (not to mention the stellar cover art) are not to be missed. I really had forgotten (no pun intended) what a wonderful treat this group was. Thanks for the reminder. Blessings.

dkelvin said...

Yes a great underrated band actually. Sad they disbanded so early (I mean in their first format with Pauline and Chris Adams).
A last one to come soon but I have to improve the sound quality first.

Audrey Songeval said...

Tu m'as fait découvrir ce groupe du temps de Crossroad. Vraiment une belle anomalie temporelle, je trouve. Merci pour ta passion intacte.

Anonymous said...

Thank you so much for this rare find and amazing quality. Also for the Live in London which is fantastic. Saw them at the Hammersmith Odeon in 75 I think they were supporting Lou Reed if my memory serves me well. thanks for your efforts and kindness. Much appreciated.