String Driven Thing - Live in Bern (1973)

Third and I think last live set offering from the classic 70's line-up of this great underrated scottish band. Note that the sound quality is weak this time, and I couldn't improve it at the level I expected but I'm not a sound ingineer it's clear. Sad since this testimony shows the band in an incredibly good form, the set is powerful and aggressive and would have deserved a fine sound quality. It was released on the OZit CD issue of their first album for Charisma and honestly they didn't try very hard to improve the sound since I could do better with my simple amateur softwares. I do not have the exact date of the concert but some fans may know if they have the STD tour schedule of the band. What I can say it's that it's prior to the release of The Machine That Cried LP since Chris Adams announces the album under the name of Heartfeeder. They may have changed the name inbetween. For the cover sleeve I again used a picture of the Mexico's Dolls Island, and it makes the 3 a very homogenous pack. If I ever find another trace of a live recording of this era, sure I'll post it here. Meanwhile, listen to this incredibly strong flok-rock band. All Comus, Simon Finn, Strawbs fans should love it. Catch it here. Below a video of "Circus" caught on TV.

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