String Driven Thing - Live in London (1973)

This was a great band and this a really really great live set. Only 26 min but each one is a complete jubilation. The sound is not perfect but it's a minor problem when the music is so good. If you don't know String Driven Thing, this was the band led by Chris and Pauline Adams with Grahame Smith, future Van Der Graaf on violin. Their short-life with this line-up is a shame (from 1972 to 74) and it's not clear why the Adams decided to leave the family (sorry I couldn't avoid to do it). The music that played the band was a strong folk rock(rockier than folky) with a pregnant violin. The intensity was always there (listen to the fantastic "Night Club")  and I often feel they were the ancestors of bands such as the Waterboys and the Go-Betweens. But some may think I'm wrong. I've bought some more that I will post on this blog. If you love Comus or Fuchsia you must hear this one, it's a gem. I'm quite happy with my did-it-myself cover sleeve. Sure I will (unfortunately) find it on some sites where you'll have to pay to get what I offer here for free. Shitty bastards. Note that I left the songs all linked. No way you would be allowed not to listen all in a row. No samples to provide but trust me you won't be disapointed.

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Anonymous said...

Between this and the Slade singles series your blog is a weekly stop for me. Really looking forward to giving this set a listen, two of my favorite SDT tunes on it - Circus & Night Club.