T. Rex - T. REXpanded (1972-77)

Thirty nine years ago today, Marc Bolan died in a car crash, an opportunity for posting this interesting compilation of various songs (several being major Hits, some being misses) in their master version, and more interesting in their full length version, wih sometimes a false start but, more exciting, how it sounded after this damned fade on the single. It's the case for "20th Century Boy", one of my fave Bolan song, here in 6'20" long version (see below a video done for it, not by me), a thrilling experience for me who always increased desperately the sound during the fade to hear the stunning Bolan shout. Not that all the long intrumental impro is genius, but it's a moving sensation to discover that this song was really played by humans when it had become a sort of desincarnated classic. Most of the present versions are better than the edited ones on the single or the album. It's particularily the case for minor Hits such as "The Groover", "Truck On" or more obscure songs such as "Hang Ups" which is here really fantastic. Some are not saved ("Dreamy Lady") and some neither better, neither weaker. All in all it's a wonderful collection I think. Catch it for free here. PS. I'm quite proud of my cover sleeve, with an incredible picture that I forgot where I found it. I've coloured it in the trad. T. Rex blue and red visual code and it's really nice I think.


24HOURDEJAVU said...
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24HOURDEJAVU said...

Thank you very much appreciated. The artwork you fits the selections very nicely Good Job

Thanks Again

Bill @ 24hr

dkelvin said...

Thanx a lot for the nice appreciation. You know, as a blogger, than we like to get some encouragement for the desintereted work we do.
More to come on FS
I love your blog (he's in the "blogs you should try" widget)

Carlos said...

Great post!

Carlos said...

Vewry nice post.
I like T.Rex very much.
Carlos - BH

Tel said...

Thanx,You Can Never Get Enough Bolan

Hamster said...

Nice stuff! Like you, there have been lots of times where I wished a track (IMO) had been faded out too soon. As well as certain T.Rex tunes, The Move's "Brontosaurus" springs to mind as I feel it could easily have gone on for another half hour or so, so it's good to have this extended collection. Thank you!

Telegram Sam said...

Tanx for this site!!!!
Bolan is still the best.