The Monochrome Set - The Strange Boutique / Surfing S.W.12 (1980)

This is the first single the band issued on their new label. The A-side was extracted from the eponymous album (the last song), the B-side was not. Strangely, the latter has never been issued to my knowledge on any compilation, so I stole one vinyl-ripped that I found on the web. I chose the one with the best quality. It is not far to be equivalent to an official transfer. The band's style changed with this label switch. Less new wave (in its punk acception) and more new pop (close to Felt and Cherry Red records), it's less my "taste" but not bad either. Catch it here.


jonder said...

Thank you for this rarity!

Cramps58 said...

Thanx, Thanx very much