The Soft Boys - He's A Reptile / Song N°4 (1983)

Last of The Soft Boys singles, at least during their first period. Once again, a single consisting of 2 songs recorded during the 1979 sessions that did not result in any album except the Invisible Hits that was released in 1983, 2 years after they disbanded. Not sure that releasing a single from this LP was a good idea. The B-side was, it's true, not on the album, but that was more mercantile than anything else. The 2 songs have been recorded during the same session (21.6.1979) which is a good idea, so featuring Matthew Seligman on bass and not Andy Metcalfe who had quited the band a month earlier. Although they are good songs, they don't reach the highest level that they sometimes attained when they are at their best. More to come from The Soft Boys on FS, but this time by sessions. Meanwhile catch this one here. Note that the single was released with 2 different cover sleeves. Don't know the reason why. Mine has the other one that I add below.


Cramps58 said...

hi, can you re-up the singles of Monochrome Set?
thanx very much

dkelvin said...

Oh yes, good idea. Soon.