The Soft Boys - Love Poisoning / When I Was A Kid (1981)

The sessions recorded in April 1979, just before Andy Metcalfe left the band, provided various singles and were released 4 years later on the Invisible Hits compilation album. Sad it was not a true album that would have filled the gap between Can Of Bees and Underwater Moonlight. So here we have two songs among the load recorded on this session and featuring on a single released by the London-based music magazine founded in 1979 called Bucketfull Of Brains. The A-side is a very good tortuous and calm song that is a sign of the future Robyn Hitchcock solo direction. The B-side is a little bit crispating lyzergic psychedelic song not without reminiscences of Jefferson Airplane (in the lead guitar notably) and of the Kinks era Preservation Act II (in the reverse voice). Nothing unedited here (both were on later released Invisible Hits) but if you want to listen to this as a single, catch it here.

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jonder said...

When the Soft Boys reunited for the "Nextdoorland" album, they revisited "When I Was A Kid" on WFMU, and it became one of my favorite Soft Boys songs. You can stream or download it here: