The Soft Boys - Only The Stones Remain / Asking Tree (1981)

A rather weird single since it consists of a new song on A-side ("Only The Stones Remain", recorded in July 1980) backed with a one-year earlier song ("Asking Tree", from April 1979) featuring Andy Metcalfe on bass. They could have backed it with "Bells of Rhymney instead, which was recorded during the same session than "Only The Stones Remain". It's a rather rough and raw tandem, showing the band in its more blues-rock side. Since they disbanded at the time this single was issued, it was a rather failing affair, but it would strangely not be the last from the band in the further years, although they wouldn't reform. I remember being a little puzzled at the time by all these strange released singles et compilations, but if none was good enough to compete with their previous work, it was always stimulating and good enough to be bought and heard. Catch this one here. PS. I have included 2 versions of "Only The Stones Remain" since the mixes are quite different. Listening to my original vinyl single, I would say that mix2 is more faithful than mix1, but the latter is a little bit more powerful.


geololo said...

Quel grand groupe, quel style et ce son si particulier! Aussi génial que Television (le son de gratte n'est pas si différent, d'ailleurs, non ?) mais en plus barré.
DKelvin, j'ai vu que tu as mis en ligne du Robyn Hitchcock, le grand artisan, je vais aller jeter un oeil..
En tout cas merci pour ces singles des grands Soft Boys...
"Give it to the... Soft Boyyys!'

dkelvin said...

J'ai encore pas mal de Soft Boys à mettre sur FS mais leur discographie est un tel foutoir que j'ai du mal à m'y mettre. Un jour sûrement.

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