JFG & The Irregulars -Old Ghost / Gimcraks fake 7 (2012)

Fifth and last of the (fake) singles from JFG (with various backing bands) that I'll post. One of my fave song ever from him, unfortunately the last he officially released (he did some demos afterwards but not issued). Listen to the maestria of the composition, to this flying violins and this haunting melody and tell me if this not a masterpiece. The atmosphere of the song reminds me of the Ghost and Mrs Muir, the Joseph L. Mankiewicz movie with Gene Tierney. The B-side is rockier but another winner that will provide thrills in everyone who like its garage psyche with a touch of class and a great voice. Don't forget to go to is bandcamp page (here) to get (for a ridiculous low amount of money) songs I didn't post. Note that these 2 songs belong to the EP called 2012 where you'll find two bonus tracks. Catch this great single here. Below the clip I did to insert in this post with the cover sleeve I created.

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