John Cale - The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy / Sylvia Said 7" (1974)

The first single driven from the first LP that John Cale did for Island was not a good A-side choice since "The Man Who Couldn't Afford To Orgy" was among the weakest song in Fear. But the good point was that the B-side ("Sylvia Said") was a non-album track and a wonderful love song. Again not really illustrating what was the bleak atmosphere of the album but a very touching song. He still sings it live. Strange that it was never released (at least to my knowledge) as a bonus track to official reissues of the album (but there were not so much after all) and neither on various compilations except on the Island Years in (unfortunately) a remix version. This is the one I put on this file since I was unable to locate the original single version. Except on the bootleg compilation Doctor Dark, but there's these stupid applauses at the onset and the end of each song to suggest a live recording. Dumbest as possible. Anyway, catch it here. I created a fake cover sleeve since there was none initially. Not fantastic but at least there's an image.


Vonnoosh said...

Thank you for posting! I already have the songs but it's good seeing the single format.

I thought "Sylvia Said" was released commercially on the "Seducing Down The Door" Anthology but it was not.

Did you make a single for "Jack The Ripper" or "Rosegarden Funeral of Sores"?

dkelvin said...

I did one for Rosegarden (B-side of Mercenaries) but not for Jack the Ripper. I'll do one.

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