John Cale - All I Want Is You / Bamboo Floor fake 7" (1975)

Sometimes I wonder whether some of you may think these fake singles are a bad joke and should be stopped. Actually I don't either know myself if it's a good idea, but it allows to publish some songs recorded during the sessions of an album but kept unissued, to find a late unofficial release, even if it's a fake one. Here, 2 songs that were recorded during the Slow Dazzle sessions and only released many years later on the Island Years compilation. Not sure they could have made it on a single but let's do as if it was the case. So here they are, an opportunity to add 2 unheard songs (except for the die-hard fans who of course know them) from John Cale. I really think "All I Want Is You" should have been added on Slow Dazzle. Maybe they kept it for a B-side. They should have put it on "Dirty-Ass Rock 'n' Roll". I didn't create a back cover sleeve. Too lazy this time. Catch it here.

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