John Cale - Dirty-Ass Rock 'n' Roll / Heartbreak Hotel 7" (1975)

Honestly this one has not much interest since both songs were on Slow Dazzle, the associated album, but I decided to post the singles (issued, unissued and some fakes) that John Cale released during the 70's and the 80's, so, to be exhaustive I had to post this one. The single failed to chart but was a spectacular illustration of the state of mind of Cale during the 1975-76 period. Raw, rough, tough, sharp, guttural and depressive, it was surely the most intense artist (let's say with Peter Hammill and Kevin Coyne) over that 2 years and an inspirator for punks. The band behind him was tight and concice (don't forget there was Chris Spedding) and it was necessary due to the erratic behavior of Cale (I was in the Orange festival where the picture of the DIY cover sleeve was shot, and he was no less than out of his brain and couldn't finish the set). On the B-side, there was again the "Heartbreak Hotel" cover, in the studio version this time, and it is one of the most shivering moment in rock history, believe me (but most of you know that already). So catch it here. More to come.

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