Winter of Love (feat. JFG) - Winter of Love (2011)

You doubt that there is any masterpiece that failed to find any way to be officially released, either in solid (vinyl, CD) or digital (MP3) format? First, you ignore many examples in the rock history and if you look in the archives of this blog, you'll find several. Second, here you have a recent one (only 5 years old) and one of the saddest case to my knowledge. Actually, Winter of Love is a duo consisting of JFG and Olivier Bernet. They recorded this album with some musicians, resulting in a somptuous sonor object, full of gorgeous melodies, fine arrangements (if you like orchestral ones, you'll be delighted) and of course the malicious way that JFG knows how to offer all this to us. There was enough in it to provide 2 or 3 hit singles, but I'm probably mad to imagine our times are able to make hits with so good songs when mediocrity only can reach success. Anyway, if you like the Beatles, the Beach Boys, Polyphonic Spree, Dukes of Stratosphear and of course JFG (see all the other posts about him, it seems that you appreciate him since they are rather often dled), you'll have with this LP (that I asked the permission to publish here to JFG in person) something new to cherish. Sure that some of these songs will become among your faves for this long long too long Xmas time. Below a video they made during the recording of the album (at least I think it was). Note that the version of "Like a Dog" is the one I released on the fake single and not the one you can hear in The Voices, the film by Marjane Satrapi. I did the cover sleeve with 2 images taken from the video (below). I think it respects the musical atmosphere of the album. Don't miss this gem here.

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Great stuff, please can you re-up JFG - the dk's choice (2004-2009)