Cactus - Live at Mar y Sol (1972)

For months and months I wanted to post this fake EP of the live tracks captured at the Mar y Sol festival and played by Cactus, here in their late line-up featuring Peter French (an incredibly good singer that had been in Leaf Hound and Atomic Rooster), Dave Hichings and Werner Fritzschings. An incredible set that was, for the first 3 songs, the A-side of the 'Ot 'n' Sweaty LP. One track was missing, "Bedroom Mazurka". Easy to understand since it was a new composition and therefore featured on the B-side of the album. It was difficult to put one live version and one studio version of the same song on the same album during the vinyl era. This live version was added on the Fully Unleashed double CD released by Rhino records in 2004. Thus I added it to the 3 other ones to provide an homogenous record, although much shorter than 'Ot 'n' Sweaty of course. This is one of the hottest and most exciting live moment captured on record I ever heard. Notably "Bad Mother Boogie" (the video below), a complete rip-off of John Lee Hooker but played in such an intense way that never the king of the boogie would have been able to offer. This line-up was short-lived and Appice and Bogert teamed with Jeff Beck for an uneven experience of a supergroup called BBA (from the initials of their names). For their part, the 3 new members tried to go on under The New Cactus name but here also, the project was not fruitful (I may post their album here one day). So, let's shake our head and butt on this hottest than hot 21 minutes. Be careful if you listen to it while walking, you may show signs of the famous "silly walks". Catch it here.

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