Forgotten Songs dk Top 10 LPs of 2016

Here we are again for the 10 LPs I liked (actually I even loved some of them) the most during this weird year, rather hard on the social and political plan, but quite wonderful on a personal plan (but I agree this is none of your business and that you don't care). Two among this selection are high above the rest, and naturally, this the tandem that shares the first place. I didn't believe it was possible to record and release an album as strong as Joy by Peep Tempel, and I didn't believe Madness could reiterate their incredible tour-de-force of 2009 (remember The Liberty Of Norton Folgate). But both did it. I could have added several other ones than the 10 below but my choice took in account the importance that each album had in my own life, either the help it represented during moments of solitude, or that it was appreciated by my beloved one and that I could share with her, or for some of them, the fact I could listen to it while running, which I do not do enough but I'll try to do more in this new year. This could be important if I want that this blog goes on some more years before I die. Thanks to everyone of you, either you leave pleasant comments or not, to make of this blog something I can consider a reasonable success. I got no many. Anyway, I encourage everyone to give an ear to this selection, the only new stuff you can grab here.

1. Peep Tempel - Joy

This is what I wrote on Bandcamp: "Imagine the best of the UK working class rock all gathered in one band and you got The Peep Tempel. Traces of Third World War, The Fall, Dead Kennedys, Captain Beefheart and so much more for, without a doubt, one of the most extraordinary and energising record of the year. Became one of my favorite band". Here is my review on the French webzine Brazil3.0. Without any hesitation for me, the LP of the year. Below a stunning clip for "Rayguns". To listen to the whole album it's here.

2. Madness - Can't Touch Us 

The only LP of the list not being on Bandcamp. I'm quite sure I miss some important albums in limiting my curiosity to this music provider but after all, I got no time to listen to everything now. But this Madness album took me by surprise and it's a good thing I was able to catch it. It's one of their best (maybe just below Norton Folgate) and it's a proof that bands can still be vividly relevant even after 30 years of existence (with a large gap it's true).

3. Haast's Eagled - II: For Mankind

This is what I wrote on Bandcamp: "I believed sludge doom had nothing new to invent anymore and I was wrong. This band shows that there's a lot still to create in this genre. Take a trip with them. It's a fantastic and rich travel you'll make, although quite dark and thrilling. Did a review here (in French). To listen to the whole album it's here.


This is what I wrote on Bandcamp: "This is no less than a masterpiece full of gems, pop standards and instant loveable songs. Those who think that the Go-Between and the Church were rock milestones will find a third companion here. Sure this will be on my Top 10 of 2016". Actually it is. I also wrote a review, in French, on Brazil 3.0 here. To listen to the whole album, it's there.

5. Andy Shauf - The Party

Not as gorgeous as his first one (album of 2015 for me) but there is enough on it to consider it is one of th egreatest achievement of this year. This young guy has sure understood things that few before him had captured. If you are in Nick Drake, you can't miss this gem. I wrote a review in Brazil 3.0 (in French) here. To listen to the whole album, it's there. He even realized a clip for one song from the LP. Maybe the onset of a large success. At least it seemed but I'm not sure the clip really did it.

6. Regular Boys - Have A Go

This is what I wrote on Bandcamp: "Because I love the Saints, the Church and the Only Ones and that this band provides in 2016 the same thrilling than they offered us so many years ago". It's not a real album (only 5 songs and less than 20 min) but so good it deserves to be in this list. I also wrote a review here in Brazil 3.0 (in French once again). To listen to the whole record it's here. Nothing from them on Youtube.

7. Cough - Still They Pray

You'll find this one on the top of most doom albums of 2016 lists and I think it deserves it. There are not so many albums in this style that can bring something new or even sapid enough to raise interest. If you are in Electric Wizard, you can't miss it. Moreover it is  produced by Jus Oborn so you have no choice. My review in Brazil 3.0 here. To listen to it, there. A live version of one of the LP's tracks below.

8. Christian Fitness - This taco is not correct

Andrew Falkous (or Falco) is incredible. After McLusky, he formed the famous Future of the Left and now is able to release two gems the same year, one by the band previously cited and one under the funny name of Christian Fitness, which is a solo project. It's powerful, simple, direct, funny and serious, punk and postpunk, noisy and pop, actually everything we want to hear when we want to hear something good. Once again, my in-French review on Brazil 3.0 here and there the album you can listen to in its entirety.

9. L'1consolable - Rap Games

Yes it's French and yes again it's rap. I could have listed Billie Brelok (another French rap artist, but female this one) but her album was issued in 2014. So, the only rap LP will be L'1consolable who is an incredibly good lyricist, playing with words without any semantic sacrifice. This album is also a musical success with a judicious use of samples. Honestly, since I usually listen to non-French speaking rap without understanding what the fuck they are talking about, I think you should do the same with l'1consolable. My review of this album here on Brazil 3.0. To listen to the LP it's there. Below a video with a track not featuring on the LP but released in June and about the (over)use of a non-democratic article of the constitution allowing the government to impose a law to the assembly. It was both funny and relevant.

10. Harry Cloud - Harry Cloud’s After School Special

It was heartbreaking to decide who would be the 10th, since it's eliminating maybe 10 other albums that may have found their place in this list, but Harry Cloud had to be the choice, this album being once again a stunning example of what this weird guy is capable, mixing styles that usually don't stand next to next. Here my review of the album on Brazil 3.0 and there the album to listen to.


Anonymous said...

And as usual I missed some great things in particular the Spiers, which I liked the previous opus. Fortunately a musical guardian angel remains trying to lift me up with such mellowness .
The melodic lines on the guitar are just divine Thx

rough mix said...

Anonymous is RM

kingpossum said...

Hearty thanks for the list. I focus on bandcamp also though I've been away from it for a couple years. Your list inspires me to re-up time to explore bandcamp again.

dkelvin said...

Thx Rough for your comment. Yes this last Spires is inSpiring for sure.

dkelvin said...

Thx Kingpossum for your comment. Never sure that this yearly list really fits with this blog but I can't help doing one each end of the year so to read that some find it interesting is a good for me.