Shocking Blue - Shocking You / Waterloo 7" (1971)

As I wrote in the first post (more than 6 years ago, below), this is one of my favorites Shocking Blue songs (with "Rock In The Sea"). It would have deserved to be an international hit but it was not. But I explain everything below so the better is to read it and more importantly to listen to it here. On the TV appearance, Mariska is quite gorgeous although her attitude dissimulated a rather fake vamp style when you know who she was in reality. But let's live in the dream.

Sad that this 7th Shocking Blue single (released in March 1971), one I consider the strongest of their career, did not reinstall them at the top of the worldwide charts. It even failed to reach the hit level of the previous one, the weak "Hello Darkness" in Germany and in Nederlands. Strangely I feel that it was a hit in France but I have not the chart positions of the Shocking Blue singles in my country. More strikingly, it was a hit in Japan, and the cover of the single had a unusual picture of the band on it that I posted below. Why I like it so much? Because it's a return to a rougher and more raucous sound. The band is tight and plays compact. The midsong solo is powerfull. It must be noted that the band was now a 5-piece unit and this gave them a better sound. And, last but not least, there's something exciting in Mariska singing "we're shocking you". It is clear that Robbie Van Leeuwen was able to maintain his high level of composition and this was a good news, confirmed by the release, 3 months later, of their 3rd LP entitled Third.

The Nederland version

The Japan version


musicyoucan said...

Happy new year 2017.
Can you re-uploiad it, the rapidshare link is obsolete.
Thnank You

dkelvin said...

That's done. I do it for each slowly cos' I want to make each re-up a little event in itself. Today it's one of their best.

musicyoucan said...

Thanks a lot.
The look and feel on the different pictures is typically from the 70's years :-)
Thanks again

Hamster said...

Way back in the day I took a 3 hour each way sea ferry journey from my hometown to be able to buy the "At Home" LP, all for my teenage love of Mariska! Been a fan of the band since then. Great posting of all these singles. Keep it up!