Shocking Blue - Dream On Dreamer / Where The Pick-Nick Was 7" (1974)

For this re-up I got the original cover sleeve of the single but it's not even sure this single was released in Netherland. It was time things stop since Robbie Van Leeuwen seemed out of inspiration. The band would go on one more year without him but it would be a waste of time and vinyl. Next I'll post the compilation of all the singles on a A's & B's album. But you had them separated. I like it since it allows to songs to exist by themselves some days at least. Catch this last one here.

Here's the 15th and last Shocking Blue single of the Robbie Van Leeuwen/Mariska Veres era. It was clear that RvL was at the end of his creative process with the band since the 2 sides are quite weak. The single would not chart either and this surely contributed to decide RvL to quit. We were at the beginning of 1974 and after 6 years the duo was finally off. Sad it was with this one. The cover sleeve is probably not the single but the LP but I failed to find the original 7" one (and this is one of the rare SB single I don't have in my disco). I'll try to compile an A's and B's compilation of these 15 singles, the A's  and B's album that you can find mix all the periods without any caution of the release order (I hate that) and include pre-Mariska and post RvL singles. The band will actually go on about a year with a new guy on guitar and composition but without being a total disaster, it had not the special SB's touch. The show was over. Hope you appreciated it if you were not too familiar with this underrated band that lacked the ambition to reach a better historical status.

Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the secrets of your soul. Your lips still there, a mysterious smile And the reason why I wanna know. Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the feeling in your mind. I'm so [...] just to know right now What will happen and what has been. Maybe there's loving in your heart And you tell me that we will never part. Maybe an ocean of love is waiting for me. Dream on dreamer And tell me 'bout the secrets of your soul. Your lips still there, a mysterious smile And the reason why I wanna know.


Shocking Blue - Let Me Carry Your Bag / I Saw You In June 7" (1973)

It's almost finish with this 14th single that was no more successful than the previous one. Sad cos' it was a good song although a little bit dated, in 1973 things had changed and the it could have been easily released in 1970 as a follow-up of "Venus". What was surely true was that Robbie Van Leeuwen was at the border or the burn-up after all the songs he had written in only 4 years. There's only one left. Catch it here.

With their 14th single, released 5 months later, in September 1973, Shocking Blue failed for the first time to reach their home charts and it was clearly the end of the story if they didn't find the way to it. Unfair since the song is quite good, the most Grace Slick-like of their whole career, strange idea when you know that in 1973 the Airplane was an old souvenir. But it's true there was the Starship. The B-side is an unconvincing attempt to mix mandoline and reggae. Robbie van Leeuwen was not scared by the most extreme cocktail.


Shocking Blue - Oh Lord / Everything That's Mine 7" (1973)

Sorry for those who would like that I stop to re-up these Shocking Blue singles but there's still some to add. This one is from 1973 and is quite audacious with its depressive pre-americana style. It was, as you imagine, not a chart success. Catch it here.

In April 1973 was released the last single of the band (their 13th) to chart in Nederland. It could have been a miss since although musically it's back to the Creedence Clearwater Revival basics (more "Proud Mary" than "Born on the Bayou"), vocally, Mariska Veres adopts a whining and plaintive tone that is quite unusual. Maybe she was trying to Bolanise her voice. I like it but not sure their public was not a little confused by this new style. The B-side is better than the A one, a kind of T.Rex-plays-the-blues kind that is rather sapid. But the ambition of the previous year seems to vanished for a poorer approach of arrangements. Moreover, the clothes and hair styles of the band are less and less consistent with a serious consideration by mainstream rock. They'll pay it soon. Don't know why they were not aware of that at the time.


Black Sabbath - Montreux 1970 (1970)

I'm more than happy to post this concert, not in its bootleg and lo-fi version but in its high-quality sound version (from the Paranoid Deluxe ed. but keep that for you) cos' it's really one of the most extraordinary live testimony, not only from this band, but from any band. Those who said that Black Sabbath couldn't play and were bad musicians (and there were a lot of these silly dumbheads at the times, and as a kid, I was quite disturbed to hear and read that my fave band was considered so weak and wondered whether I had the worst tastes of the world or if it was a bunch of old-assholes, now I know this is the second option that was the good one) had apparently never heard them play live. Here they show what a great band they were. Recorded 18 days prior to the release of their mythic Paranoid album (actually it should have been called War Pigs but the label didn't want, "War Pigs" a song that was to be called "Walpurgis", but once again the label didn't want, weird isn't it?) it is captured in these wonderful moments when a band defends his new songs on stage and play them as they were conceived, not in different versions because they become bored to play them. And you discover how "Hand of Doom" (that established "doom" as a genre, you can hear there all the basic structure of doom) and "Fairies Wear Boots" were fabulous pieces of music. Now that the band is over forever, listening to this is like history but exciting as if you lived and felt things like you were here when they happened. Catch it here. The Brussels concert (recorded 2 months later) soon. No need to put a video below since none has the high sound quality of the file I post.


Man - The Single (I'm Dreaming) / The Symbol Who Came To Dinner aborted 7" (1973)

I'm in a Man period these days. Surely the recent death of Deke Leonard that made me jump again in their so hypnotic and interesting music. I forgot to re-up this aborted single so I do it. Note that I'll post some other ones in the next future when they had non-album tracks on A or B-sides. This one is really great (see the first presentation below) with a splendid and floating guitar riff while the B-side sounds very strangely as Steely Dan. Micky Jones won't dig this path again but it may have provided him some major success if he had. Note that I changed the cover sleeve since the first one I had made. I think this one is much better. Note also that some sites (eg. here) sell this (fake) single using my sleeve (actually they surely stole the file and make money with it). This makes me quite angry. So grab it for free here. Since there was no video still available for this song I decided to make one quickly (see below).

This should have been the single issued some months after the Back To The Future album but it was not released for a reason I ignore. Shame cos' it was again a splendid song by Micky Jones (his style is quite obvious here) and this may have helped the band to improve his success which was quite good with the charting of their double LP. The 2 songs of this aborted single were issued only 2 years ago in the Back To The Future CD box. Here they are in their supposed initial situation. Taste them, they're great.


Black Sabbath - Live in Asbury Park (1975)

It was impossible for me tonight not to post any Black Sabbath material since they play while I'm writing these words their last concert ever, in their native town of Birmingham, and I should have been there but I failed to find any ticket or more exactly to decide myself to spend so much money to go there and back. I think I was quite pusillanimous but that's too late for regrets. So here's a rare testimony of the band live in their heyday (although they are still good on stage but they don't compose classics anymore). I'll re-up the California Jam but I would like to find a source with the correct speed, the ones I found are usually fasten. And I'll post their Peel Sessions too. Meanwhile catch it here. And thanks to Ozzy, Tony, Geezer and the unfortunately absent Bill for having brought one of the most crucial music style in the history, being surely more influential than any other rock band or musician.

The release of a real new Black Sabbath is for all the poor fools like me a kind of major event, and that it's a fine, sometimes great piece of music, is a sort of miracle. A revenge for the insults and mockeries I endured when I was a 13-y (yes 13) kid discovering a band that would totally rearrange my vision of music (and some of some thousands of musicians and bands, notably the Melvins of course). BS was missing in this blog and it's time to feed it with some of their stuff. Actually, I'm not rich in rarities so I'll keep to some live recordings, the first being this one captured at Asbury Park (New Jersey) during the US arm of their Sabotage tour on the 5th of August 1975, and with a sound wuality not far from an official live. The band is in no way the pale version of his recent past some said it was. It's even closer to punk than to the WHOBHM (listen to the 12 min of instrumental that conclude "Sabracadabra" and tell me if it has anything to do with heavy metal in its most mainstream acception, and the link between "Orchid" and "Rock 'n' Roll Doctor" is pure Melvins). And it's mainly close to what'll become grunge, noise, thrash, sludge, stoner and of course doom, all movements that were strongly influenced by the masters of Birmingham. The version of "Black Sabbath" the song, is particularly impressive, much better it even was at their beginnings. It's today quite difficult to understand that so few of the press critics realized the importance of this band. It's strange too that between 1977 and 1987, I lost touch with this music (although I never sold a BS album in my life) because I felt this music was no more relevant. Thanx to the Melvins to have brought them back in my universe. So here is an exceptional testimony of the grandeur that could produce these 4 british guys on stage. Sabotage was of course largely played but there are also many tracks from previous albums. I chose the cover sleeve (with a work by Hans Baldung Grien, 1485-1545) I like the most among the various bootlegs released with this recording. I could have done one myself as I often do but I think this one fits perfectly. So, between 2 listenings to 13, a little bit of nostalgia. Below the complete show as posted on youtube.


The Saints - Know Your Product / Run Down (1978)

Don't panic, nobody's dead, it's only that Ed Kuepper on his fb page has stated that this single was released on the 3th of February 1978, 39 years ago, and looking at the promo clip and listening to the song, I couldn't believe it was almost 40 years I had listened to this song for the first time. Given that it seems like yesterday and that it is likely that in 40 years I'll be dead for long, it is like to discover I'm already dead. But wtf this personal statement. The important is that I hadn't re-up the Saints singles I had posted and it's an opportunity to do it. This single is, as most of Saints ones, a complete gem, an eternal standard and must be everything but forgotten. Cath it here (the B-side is great again although not unissued). Below what I wrote in the first post 6 years ago.

This single was the one associated with the Eternally Yours album (in February 1978). The brass addition shows that the Saints were running away from their punk roots (actually their Stooges roots) to incline toward their R 'n' B influences, more the Kuepper's than the Bailey's ones. The song is really a gem and is now a complete classic (lyrics below). How Ed Kuepper did to write so many standards in 2 years, it's a mystery? The B-side (unfortunately not a non-album track, featuring on Eternally Yours) is also a good one with a superb harp work. A very rare video shot below with the opening seconds in which the band presents the song.

Know Your Product. I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!" Got some great new brand of smokes "Cool your head and clear your throat "Keeps you young and so in touch." Cheap advertising, you're lying Never gonna get me what I want I said, smooth talking, brain washing Ain't never gonna get me what I need "Our new soap that's peachy keen saves your soul and keeps you clean "It's recommended, used by the queen "Gonna improve your IQ, help in everything you do "It's economic, don't cost too much." Said advertising, you're lying Never gonna give me what I want I said, smooth talking, brain washing Ain't never gonna get me what I need (I said take it, Come on, Soul man. Let's shoot the professor! Alright!) I'm just sitting in my chair when a voice comes on the air Says "Why don't you try it? You'll feel allright!" "It's a great new brand of smokes "Cool your head and clears your throat "Keeps you young and so in touch." Said advertising, you're lying You're never gonna give me what I want I said smooth talking, brain washing You're never gonna get me what I need (What do I care? Yeah! Hey man, Where's the professor? We need him now! Gonna tell you 'bout them Yeah we take it all the way 'round the world For that west coast feel Yeah man. Yeah everything, let it out It's not what you love Look out on the radio


Man - Peel Session (1974)

So, now that Deke Leonard has left forever, the two leading heads of Man are no more. I thought I had some material to re-up but actually I had all re-up already. So I add a splendid John Peel sessions were the band, featuring 5 members including Micky Jones et Deke Leonard, recorded in October 1974, the same month they released Slow Motion (the reason I chose this typography on the did-it-myself cover sleeve). It's one of the strongest versions of the songs you can find but, of course, I do not know all of them. What is always surprising with this band is the fact that they do not belong to any category, or more wisely, they belong to several. Here, the late bridge is not far to be doom when other parts are progressive or other pre-americana. It's always unexpected, the reason it travelled through years so easily, although it's clear that it belongs to the seventies. I'm glad this blog allows many to discover such bands that would stay for happy few and elderly without this attempt to keep the flame alive. Catch it here. And so long to poor old Deke. Another victory for cancer, this fucking serial killer. Below, a Youtube capture of the session.