Black Sabbath - Montreux 1970 (1970)

I'm more than happy to post this concert, not in its bootleg and lo-fi version but in its high-quality sound version (from the Paranoid Deluxe ed. but keep that for you) cos' it's really one of the most extraordinary live testimony, not only from this band, but from any band. Those who said that Black Sabbath couldn't play and were bad musicians (and there were a lot of these silly dumbheads at the times, and as a kid, I was quite disturbed to hear and read that my fave band was considered so weak and wondered whether I had the worst tastes of the world or if it was a bunch of old-assholes, now I know this is the second option that was the good one) had apparently never heard them play live. Here they show what a great band they were. Recorded 18 days prior to the release of their mythic Paranoid album (actually it should have been called War Pigs but the label didn't want, "War Pigs" a song that was to be called "Walpurgis", but once again the label didn't want, weird isn't it?) it is captured in these wonderful moments when a band defends his new songs on stage and play them as they were conceived, not in different versions because they become bored to play them. And you discover how "Hand of Doom" (that established "doom" as a genre, you can hear there all the basic structure of doom) and "Fairies Wear Boots" were fabulous pieces of music. Now that the band is over forever, listening to this is like history but exciting as if you lived and felt things like you were here when they happened. Catch it here. The Brussels concert (recorded 2 months later) soon. No need to put a video below since none has the high sound quality of the file I post.


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