Shocking Blue - Oh Lord / Everything That's Mine 7" (1973)

Sorry for those who would like that I stop to re-up these Shocking Blue singles but there's still some to add. This one is from 1973 and is quite audacious with its depressive pre-americana style. It was, as you imagine, not a chart success. Catch it here.

In April 1973 was released the last single of the band (their 13th) to chart in Nederland. It could have been a miss since although musically it's back to the Creedence Clearwater Revival basics (more "Proud Mary" than "Born on the Bayou"), vocally, Mariska Veres adopts a whining and plaintive tone that is quite unusual. Maybe she was trying to Bolanise her voice. I like it but not sure their public was not a little confused by this new style. The B-side is better than the A one, a kind of T.Rex-plays-the-blues kind that is rather sapid. But the ambition of the previous year seems to vanished for a poorer approach of arrangements. Moreover, the clothes and hair styles of the band are less and less consistent with a serious consideration by mainstream rock. They'll pay it soon. Don't know why they were not aware of that at the time.


Hamster said...

Many thanks for this. I, for one, don't want you to stop until you've posted all the Shocking Blue singles you've got! I'm ashamed to say I'd lost my way with the band long before 1973 so it's good now to have the chance to catch up and hear these singles.

Anonymous said...

Thanks! The Shocking Blue were incredible! Please post them all! - Stinky