Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth: Jacobites - Pin Your Heart To Me EP (1985)

More and more the duet was melting in a real band that would take the name of the Jacobites (nothing to do with the Jacobins, although the name of the LP featured Robespierre (one of my heroes). This EP is somewhat weird since the title track is proposed in 2 versions. One with a short title ("Pin Your Heart") and mainly sung by Nikki Sudden (first on A-side), the other with the complete title ("Pin Your Heart To Me") and sung by Dave Kusworth (second on B-side). Personally, I prefer the NS version but both are nice. On the B-side you have 4 lo-fi acoustic songs, 2 sung by NS, 2 by DK (nothing to do with me). It's rather plaintive and those who do not appreciate this musical side of the duet had and will surely find it boring. In 1985, I was really fond of that style, and it made me change my mind on the musical direction I had taken, leaving 80's pop and getting back to my old 70's stuff. Today, I feel it was a little bit self-indulgent but I've still affection for these guys. More to come. Catch it here.


Nikki Sudden & The Last Bandits - Live in Germany (2000)

First of several re-up of concerts or radio shows by Nikki Sudden recorded in the 2000's. Here in Germany in 2000. More details below in the first post. Not a great live set but interesting anyway. Catch it here.

Long I didn't post. Afraid I got less and less time (and envy).Tonight a live recording by Nikki Sudden, caught in 2000 in Germany (it seems this concert was captured on the 1st of July, at least that's what is written on the CD-R that someone gave me some years ago) backed with his regular band of the times, The Last Bandits. Hearing NS, it seems he was rather upset not to be paid for playing on that night. Don't know if this is the reason he doesn't seem very involved in the songs. Moreover the setlist is not full of gems. And the sometimes funky arrangements are not a brilliant idea. But it's always heart-shaking to listen to Nikki anyway. I'll post more from him in the future, and in particular will try to track his singles and EPs as I did for Dan Treacy (at least in the nineties). Of course I did the fake cover sleeve myself, not really a surprise. PS.


Paul Mc Cartney & Wings - Get You Ready For Live Newcastle (1973)

This may seem weird to you but the 1971-73 era was my fave for McCartney solo career. Not that is was always a success in terms of melodies, sound, play and lyrics, but there was a welcome freshness in the post-Beatles work of McCartney. Live, it was another story, the band being somewhat erratic on stage. But the instrumentation had this lo-fi savour that finally would influence the whole indie scene in the 80's. In this setlist, the most interesting is when Macca is the more abrasive and raw such as in "The Mess" or "Wild Life", but there are several sapid moments in this good sounding bootleg. Not a very rare testimony but I feel that this live set has to be on FS. Catch it here.


Black Sabbath -Beat Club (1970)

Strange alternating posts between Nikki Sudden and Black Sabbath these days. But I'm a "fan" of both so where's the problem after all. Tonight two sets of Black Sabbath captured at their beginnings as Black Sabbath in a famous German TV show called Beat Club where so many have played in the late sixties and early seventies. Often the 4 songs are provided as if they had been recorded in one session but actually 2 were recorded before the Paranoid album was recorded (in May 1970) and 2 after it was released (in November 1970). The sound is correct but would deserve to be remastered. What's weird is to listen to Black Sabbath playind the Carl Perkins classic "Blue Suede Shoes". Not that it fits them so well but an historical testimony for sure. Catch it here. PS. I did a totally new cover sleeve without using the poor quality images of the show but I assume I could have done better. If you want the images, I added the Youtube videos of the show below.


Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth - Shame For The Angels EP (1984)

The 3rd Nikki Sudden single was actually an EP and a duet one, sealing a long-term collaboration with Dave Kusworth, leading NS far from the Swell Maps universe and close to a Faces/Rolling Stones/Neil Young revival, a very weird move in 1983, a year that was marked by a hard trend toward New Wave full of synths and boxbeats. A reason why I was so fond of what would soon become the Jacobites (actually Jacobites was the name of the LP that was recorded in the autumn of 1983 when this EP was recorded on the 4th of Juy 1984). Of course, it was not really innovative but there was all the charm of this rock 'n' roll attitudes that was so precious for us in the early seventies, and that this 2 "gentlemen" were bringing back. Fortunately, the band would improve in the further years, and notably in 1985 since their beginnings were a little too laid back for me, and using repetitive gimmick such as the "All Along The Watchtower" riff. But it was part of the game, they even said it to the press. Note that if you're a Nikki Sudden afficionado, you may be desapointed since Dave Kusworth sings 2 of the 4 songs and notably the title track. It's true that he often had the more potentially commercial tunes. Catch it here PS. The back cover is not the actual one but I didn't find (it's one of the rare NS records I do not own in vinyl).


Black Sabbath - Live in Brussels (1970)

Often called "Live in Paris" and considered to have been recorded at the Olympia on the 20th December 1970, this concert was actually recorded in Brussels on the 3th October 1970. This version is the one that has been released in the Super Deluxe box of Paranoid. The sound is very good but the bootlegs were good too, contrary to the Montreux concert that had very bad quality bootleg. Strangely, the band here is not so powerful than at Montreux, less concise and tight but this is a light critic given the incredible innovative dimension of what this band was bringing to the rock scene. Catch it here.


Nikki Sudden - Gold Painted Nails (Vocals) / Missionary Boy (Nikki Sudden Vocals) fake 7" (1983)

This is a fake one (see below, I explain the reasons I did it) but it fits well with this single series (more to come). In brief, this is a couple of different vocal versions of the album (Bible Belt) versions. Can be found in the "Secretly Canadian" re-issue of Bible Belt (coupled with Waiting On Egypt) or in The Boy From Nowhere boxset. Catch it here.

I had not created a fake single for quite a long time now. But I felt the need to do it with these 2 songs recorded during the Bible Belt sessions by Nikki Sudden and his enlarged band of mates for several reasons. First, cos' it was a strange idea to open the album with the instrumental version of "Gold Painted Nails" when it was clearly a good vocal song to open an LP with, and also a good candidate for an A-side single. So I did it. Next, because, even if the "Missionary Boy" version of Bible Belt sung by Lizard was good, it would have been more logical to put the version Nikki Sudden sang. Since reading the liner notes of the Strictly Canadian Bible Belt reissue, it seems he was sure it would be a hit, it's justice to put it on a single (what he omitted to do, an important point to make a song a hit). So here's a nice duo (from this reissue), closing the first solo period of Nikki Sudden. Afterwards, he would share partnerhip with Dave Kusworth in The Jacobites. Great too but never again we will hear from him this innocence and spontaneity. To do the cover sleeve, I used a picture from Kendra Nanayuki (her deviantArt gallery here) who is creating 3D nail art. I'm sure he would have liked it (at least I hope he would).


Nikki Sudden - Back to the start / Ringing on my train 7" (1981)

Second Nikki Sudden re-up, his first single as a solo artist. A good one actually. More to come. Catch it here.

This is the first of a series of posts about Nikki Sudden's singles and EPs discography. This is the first thing he released under his name after Swell Maps disbanded (he seems to regret this separation in the booklet's notes of the Waiting on Egypt/Bible Belt double CD). Recorded in September 1980, released in February 1981, only the B-side would be on his first LP (i.e., Waiting on Egypt) almost a year later (in 1982). NS amateurs won't find his Stones-era-Exile on Main Street style here but a cross between the Fall and Madness, and of course some Swell Maps remains. He said that "Ringing on my train" was an attempt to re-do T. Rex's "Free Angel" but I don't really see where's the link. A way to maintain NS's music memory alive.


Nikki Sudden - Channel Steamer / Chelsea Embankment 7" (1982)

I'll re-up Nikki Sudden stuff that is still unavailable cos' still on rs and not uploaded on M. Here the second single of NS under his own name (I'll re-up the first one tomorrow). More about it in the previous posts below. I find the A-side better than when I posted it the first time. Catch it here.

Another reup. This time because I added a high quality rip of the unissued B-side ("Chelsea Embankment", released on the 6-CD box The Boy From Nowhere). Not that it makes the song less weird and more pleasant to hear, but at least, it's a decent recorded version. What I wrote about this second Nikki Sudden single below.

This is what I call a good post. Not that the 2 songs of the second Nikki Sudden solo single are top ones, but because the version of "Chelsea Embankment" on the B-side is in no way the album version (which was on Bible Belt). It's a weird version played only by Nikki Sudden apparently in a pub or somewhere similar, with a first part backwards and a second part rather approximately sung and played. But anyway, it has, to my knowledge, never been released as bonus on any reissue (vinyl or CD) and therefore is a rarity that fits perfectly with the concept of this blog.  Ripped from a vinyl I found recently. The A-side is a post-punk song that had few chance to be noticed in 1982. Not bad but rather basic.


Shocking Blue - Singles As & Bs (1968 - 74)

As promised, this compilation of all the A and B sides of the singles that I re-upped in the previous weeks. Thus, you got them all in the same file. Nothing to add. Maybe I'll re-up the "Love Buzz" fake single I had made and maybe too their live album in the near future. Catch this compilation here.

 I reup this compilation because I added "Mighty Joe" and "Wild Wind" to the file that I had omitted in the first one. So if you caught the previous version, dl the new one. Thx to Dr Fu Man Chu for noticing this omission.

I won't say much about this Dutch band since I posted previously all these singles (the period Mariska Veres and Robbie van Leeuwen were together in the band) on Forgotten Songs (here). If I gather all these singles on one compilation is that I know many of you love to have them all pooled on one support. But for details and cover sleeves, go to the individual posts. I've always loved this band (and was even a little bit in love with Mariska when I was 11). I was a little disappointed recently, discovering that their "Venus" was an old American trad rip off ("Oh Susanna"). It seems everybody knew it but me, that relativized my so-called musical erudition. But this band was not a one-hit one contrary to the usual idea, and I recommend to buy everything they recorded and released over this 6-yr long timespan. Of course, it's not a major band, but there's a special charm I never founded anywhere else. Note that for me, The Devil's Blood (also Dutch) are some kind of Gothic/Doom Shocking Blue. I did the cover from an image done by a Shocking Blue fan but I forgot his name. Sorry if he sees his work used. Hope he'll forgive me. Or I'll change it.