Black Sabbath -Beat Club (1970)

Strange alternating posts between Nikki Sudden and Black Sabbath these days. But I'm a "fan" of both so where's the problem after all. Tonight two sets of Black Sabbath captured at their beginnings as Black Sabbath in a famous German TV show called Beat Club where so many have played in the late sixties and early seventies. Often the 4 songs are provided as if they had been recorded in one session but actually 2 were recorded before the Paranoid album was recorded (in May 1970) and 2 after it was released (in November 1970). The sound is correct but would deserve to be remastered. What's weird is to listen to Black Sabbath playind the Carl Perkins classic "Blue Suede Shoes". Not that it fits them so well but an historical testimony for sure. Catch it here. PS. I did a totally new cover sleeve without using the poor quality images of the show but I assume I could have done better. If you want the images, I added the Youtube videos of the show below.

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