Black Sabbath - Live in Brussels (1970)

Often called "Live in Paris" and considered to have been recorded at the Olympia on the 20th December 1970, this concert was actually recorded in Brussels on the 3th October 1970. This version is the one that has been released in the Super Deluxe box of Paranoid. The sound is very good but the bootlegs were good too, contrary to the Montreux concert that had very bad quality bootleg. Strangely, the band here is not so powerful than at Montreux, less concise and tight but this is a light critic given the incredible innovative dimension of what this band was bringing to the rock scene. Catch it here.


Anonymous said...

Thank you, much appreciated!

Anonymous said...

Thank you very much for this improved quality version of the Brussels concert. I never heard before that the Paris Olympia concert was in fact recorded in Brussels.
I also like the more energetic Montreux concert and find that the audio quality is not bad at all, but audio quality is something very personal indeed.

All the best,
Derek from Paris

zappahead said...

Ahhhh...Ozzy and the boys....brings back good memories...great sound...thanks a lot.