Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth: Jacobites - Pin Your Heart To Me EP (1985)

More and more the duet was melting in a real band that would take the name of the Jacobites (nothing to do with the Jacobins, although the name of the LP featured Robespierre (one of my heroes). This EP is somewhat weird since the title track is proposed in 2 versions. One with a short title ("Pin Your Heart") and mainly sung by Nikki Sudden (first on A-side), the other with the complete title ("Pin Your Heart To Me") and sung by Dave Kusworth (second on B-side). Personally, I prefer the NS version but both are nice. On the B-side you have 4 lo-fi acoustic songs, 2 sung by NS, 2 by DK (nothing to do with me). It's rather plaintive and those who do not appreciate this musical side of the duet had and will surely find it boring. In 1985, I was really fond of that style, and it made me change my mind on the musical direction I had taken, leaving 80's pop and getting back to my old 70's stuff. Today, I feel it was a little bit self-indulgent but I've still affection for these guys. More to come. Catch it here.

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kingpossum said...

Much thanks for all the Nikki Sudden. I overlooked Swell Maps back in the day, and here in America we were unlikely to encounter his subsequent work as well. Greatly appreciate the catch-up you're providing here. Cheers.