Nikki Sudden & Dave Kusworth - Shame For The Angels EP (1984)

The 3rd Nikki Sudden single was actually an EP and a duet one, sealing a long-term collaboration with Dave Kusworth, leading NS far from the Swell Maps universe and close to a Faces/Rolling Stones/Neil Young revival, a very weird move in 1983, a year that was marked by a hard trend toward New Wave full of synths and boxbeats. A reason why I was so fond of what would soon become the Jacobites (actually Jacobites was the name of the LP that was recorded in the autumn of 1983 when this EP was recorded on the 4th of Juy 1984). Of course, it was not really innovative but there was all the charm of this rock 'n' roll attitudes that was so precious for us in the early seventies, and that this 2 "gentlemen" were bringing back. Fortunately, the band would improve in the further years, and notably in 1985 since their beginnings were a little too laid back for me, and using repetitive gimmick such as the "All Along The Watchtower" riff. But it was part of the game, they even said it to the press. Note that if you're a Nikki Sudden afficionado, you may be desapointed since Dave Kusworth sings 2 of the 4 songs and notably the title track. It's true that he often had the more potentially commercial tunes. Catch it here PS. The back cover is not the actual one but I didn't find (it's one of the rare NS records I do not own in vinyl).

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