Paul Mc Cartney & Wings - Get You Ready For Live Newcastle (1973)

This may seem weird to you but the 1971-73 era was my fave for McCartney solo career. Not that is was always a success in terms of melodies, sound, play and lyrics, but there was a welcome freshness in the post-Beatles work of McCartney. Live, it was another story, the band being somewhat erratic on stage. But the instrumentation had this lo-fi savour that finally would influence the whole indie scene in the 80's. In this setlist, the most interesting is when Macca is the more abrasive and raw such as in "The Mess" or "Wild Life", but there are several sapid moments in this good sounding bootleg. Not a very rare testimony but I feel that this live set has to be on FS. Catch it here.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for this interesting setlist that is totally different from what Paul delivers these days.

Curious &
Looking forward,

Derek from Paris