Buzzcocks - Complete BBC Sessions (1977-79)

I'm not really sure this compiled the complete BBC sessions the band recorded between 1977 and their first separation in 1981, but I didn't find any other one so I conclude it's complete. The 14 tracks recorded for the Peel sessions were issued in the famous Peel Sessions Albums series whereas 4 tracks recorded in various other radio shows were issued on an album called BBC (The Archive Series) in which most of the sessions were from the reformed band (from 1993 to 1997). So I did this Complete BBC Sessions album with tracks in chronological order. The reason why there's 2 versions of "Sixteen Again" one after the other one. It's fascinating to see how the band matured over only a time span of 3 years and became a dark and deep musical machine when they began as bouncy pop-punkers. The cover sleeve I did is not a real success but I was a bit lazy tonight. Sorry. The importance is elsewhere, in the music, in the historical dimension of this compilation. Catch it here. I suppose none of you needs any video below to verify whether this is interesting to dl.


kingpossum said...

Hearty thanks for the Buzzcocks posts and commentary. I only sampled them once or twice back in the day, and it didn't stick. Were they "too English" for my American ears, like the Jam? Not hard enough as the Ramones? Not sure. But these posts have opened my ears to them and my ears dig what they hear.

dkelvin said...

Happy to contribute to the "aura" of their music, they deserve it. They were paradoxically the most instantaneous and time-enduring punk band. I can't see many others we can hear to their songs without the historical background being present to keep the interest.

Hamster said...

From then to now I've felt Pete Shelley was always one of the more erudite, intelligent and coherent purveyors of the punky-pop scene. Nice compilation, for which many thanks!