Buzzcocks - The Harmony In My Head Session fake EP (1979)

Weird but I re-up this fake EP 2 days after I posted it the first time. Here's why. Actually, the 2 songs that made it on the single exist in their demo versions and were released on the Mute double CD version of A Different Kind Of Tension. So it's more consistent to substitute them to the finalized and highly produced versions from the single. So, if you dled it in the last 2 days, take this one, you'll have 2 more demos ("Something's Gone Wrong Again" is the instrumental backing of the song). Catch it here.

This is the first of a small series of fake EP consisting of demos recorded in a specific session by Buzzcocks. I begin with this one cos' Steve Diggle specified that it was at this session that "Harmony In My Head" was recorded. Unfortunately, there is not the demo version of the song. My idea was then to put the A and B-sides of the single (without being sure that "Something's Gone Wrong Again" that is on B-side was actually recorded at this session), and to add the other songs recorded at the session. What's interesting is that you have 4 tracks that were never finalize and that you may listen for the first time (except if you have the album Chronology) 2 from Diggle, 2 from Garvey. I changed a little bit the cover sleeve of the single to create this fake EP. Hope you'll like it. More to come. I'm posting this 1 hour now from the result of French election and I fear that I'll say soon that something's gone wrong again, too often it is the case in the damned country.

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